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Left Realism Theory Essay

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Left Realism Theory
Left Realism is part of Social Conflict Theory; The Critical Criminologist examines in a critical way how the conservative agenda of lowering labor costs through Union busting and welfare limitations and tax cuts that favored the wealthy, ending affirmative action, and reducing environmental control and regulations, how these actions effect the common person. Using Left Realism Theory the Critical Criminologist believes they have an obligation and responsibility for informing the public about the dangers of these developments. (Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, p.263, 264)

Left Realism Theory Roots
There are three roots of left realism the first is social and political unrest, and Karl Marx the Marxist theory it’s not necessary to have a particular amount ...view middle of the document...

The third root is race, class, and gender discrimination was built on by Ronald Weitzer and Steven Tuch they examined the justice system to see if it handed out fair and even-handed justice and found using the data from a nationally drawn survey of citizen attitude that it was rife with bias and discrimination found about 40 percent of African American’s respondents claimed that they were stopped by the police because of their race as compared to just 5 percent of whites, and almost three-quarters of young African American men, ages 18 to 34 reported they were victim of profiling. (Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, Fig 8.1 p.256, 260, 262)

Current social implications of Leftist Realist Theory
Critical criminologist turned their attention the growing global dominance and the reach of the free-market capitalist system and believe that modern global capitalism is helping destroy lives of workers the capitalist hailed China’s entry into the World Trade Organization where the average manufacturing wage is 20 to 25 cents per hour; during the first half of 2001, 47,000 workers were killed, and 35.2 million Chinese workers were permanently or temporarily disabled at work. And the vulnerability of indigenous people and their traditional way of life by the forces of globalized capitalism. And the growing influence and impact on international financial institutions as the World Bank and the nondemocratic operations of international financial institutions in creating a global economy and the process of creating transnational economy’s. (Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, Pg. 264, 265)
(Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, p.263, 264)
(Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, Fig 8.1 p.256, 260, 262)
(Criminology (9th ed.), by L. J. Siegel, 2006, Pg. 264, 265)

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