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Lecture Notes Essay

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Homework, November 9, 2006 AST110-6

Due Date: Thursday, November 16, 2006

1. If nuclear fusion of hydrogen in the core of the Sun were to stop now, what would we see on the surface of the Sun tomorrow? Why? Will we be able to tell that hydrogen burning in the core has stopped? How? (20pt)
(Hint: What particles that are generated by the fusion of hydrogen can escape from the interior of the Sun immediately?)

You won’t be able to see any changes on the surface of the Sun…probably you won’t see anything from helioseismology data either. This is because photons generated in the core of the Sun takes about one million years to get to the surface. This ...view middle of the document...

1. The lifetime of Spica (10 Msun) is only about 10 million years. The lifetime of Achernar (6 Msun) is only 100 million years…so when we really should not expect the Sun to still exist today if it was born as a high-mass star.

|Chapter 11, Problem 26. Stellar Data. Consider the following data table for several bright stars. M v is absolute magnitude, and m v |
|is apparent magnitude. (Hint: Remember that the magnitude scale runs backward, so that brighter stars have smaller (or more negative)|
|magnitudes.) (40pt) |
| |
|  |
| |
|Star |
|M v |
|m v |
|Spectral Type |
|Luminosity Class |
| |
|Aldebaran |
|-0.2 |
|+0.9 |
|K5 |
|III |
| |
|Alpha Centauri A |
|+4.4 |
|0.0 ...

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