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Learning Team Charter

Learning Team B

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May 05, 2011

The best teams are those that not only combine the skills of their members to fit the demands of their task but also energize team members through the bonding that comes with striving toward a common goal (Harvard Business School, 2009). Learning team charters will challenge each member to work together in a collaborative effort. In order for a team to reach establish goals all members must participate and a learning team charter is imperative. The charter will provide direction and will define the purpose of the team. The subject at hand is ...view middle of the document...

Group communication takes place with a group of people who bring knowledge and experience to reach goals and make effective decisions. Effective communication is the key for the group to achieve set goals. Group communication involves dialogue, verbal or written coming from, and intended for more than two people, while individual communication is the dialogue, which takes place between two people. Individual communication is more one-on-one and more like a social interaction. Effective communication is to understand the audience. This can pose a problem within group communication because of the different levels of understanding, and communication styles within a group versus individual communication. Within a group environment some may choose not to speak out on his or her thoughts whereas; with individual communication most conversations are reciprocal. Each idea is of the individual and is left up to the individual to accomplish his or her goal without help from anyone else.


Effective strategies to help individuals with communication are phone, letters, e-mails, memos, and face-to-face communication. Today most individuals are already communicating through e-mails and text messaging and would prefer to communicate using these communication methods. Strategies for group communication are ideas, planning, and discussion. Always be a good listener, this makes the person speaking feel comfortable. Ask questions or ask group participants to share feedback. When communicating always speak clearly, and be precise, relay details pertaining to the specific group at hand. Effective communicating can help relieve the chances of dispute. If disputes do come about developing effective resolution strategies will help resolve issues more quickly.


In the learning team charter there is an emphasis on team members turning in their responsible parts of the assignment as well as turning the sections in on time. The reason for such an emphasis is that all members of the team have experienced lack of participation in prior learning teams and the responsibilities have fallen to members of the learning team now. Under the conflict resolution it is mentioned that if a member should find him or herself in a situation in which he or she cannot perform his or her assigned task he or she should contact other members of the team to discuss alternative actions, prior to the assignment. If a member does not meet the required actions to be taken for missing an assignment there will be a team meeting. All points mentioned in the learning team charter are sufficient and clear until we reach the team meetings. The questions that may arise, how should the team conduct the meetings so that no individual feels attached and how to come to a resolution that all members are satisfied with and follow-up on?

Team Meetings

As a team we are here to receive a good grade for any team assignments and to make sure all members understand the material...

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