Learning Styles Essay

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Learning Styles and Strategies 

My learning style is generally well balanced between active, reflective, sensing and intuitive learning. However, I have a more moderate preference toward the visual learning over verbal and the sequential over global learning. 

The results of my test did not surprise me. I realize that I comprehend better when shown how to do something over reading directions from a text. I feel the assessment of my test was very valid and the questions that were asked were relative to the ...view middle of the document...

This would include using the reflective learning style by giving the student a chance to think about a subject and come to a conclusion to bring to class a discussion. It would also include addressing the verbal learning style by assigning reading material of different types the student could address in class. 

An evaluation quiz could be used in the classroom utilizing each learning style to access the different learning styles of the students, giving the instructor information about her students learning skills. This information could then be used to better structure the class material so that each student is accommodated. 

There are many different technologies out there that can be helpful in today’s classroom to address the different learning skills of students. There are Internet sites, computer programs, literature, and games to name a few. New technology is presented to educational facilities and the public every day so that teachers can assess and utilize these within the classroom. New technology is a great advantage in accommodating the different learning skills in the classroom.

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