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Learning Disability Essay

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Learning disability is a term used to describe specific kinds of learning problems. A person can have problems with skills like reading, listening, speaking, math, writing, and reasoning. Learning disabilities constitutes over half of the special education services. The cause of learning disabilities deals with the dysfunction of the brain and how it processes information it may be related to medical or genetic. Having problems receiving and sending messages deals ...view middle of the document...

When a child has a learning disability it is normally caused by abnormalities in the brain, which is often hereditary. The abnormalities in the brain affect the way the brain processes information. Communication is the principal process that is mainly affected. The ability to listen, read write, spell, think, and do mathematical calculations are all a part of having communication problems. Having a learning disability does not mean that a person is incapable of learning, it just mean they need more guidance and patience to learn some material. There are

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Learning Disability
four suspected causes of learning disabilities heredity, environmental factors, biochemical imbalance, and brain damage. No one really knows for sure what causes people to have learning disabilities.
There are several characteristics of having a learning disability from preschool through high school. Preschool characteristics are: late speaking, slow to learn rhymes, numbers, letters, colors, and/or shapes, pronunciation and/or vocabulary issues, attention span problems, problems with directions and tasks, slow to develop fine motor skills, and interaction difficulties with friends and peers. Kindergarten to Fourth Grade characteristics are: problems learning letter and sound connections, coordination/motor skills issues, reading/spelling issues like reversing, substituting, and inverting letters, focus on short-term memorization rather than long-term learning, organization/planning issues, and barriers to remembering facts/circumstances. The characteristics of fifth grade through middle school are: avoids oral reading and handwriting, continued coordination/motor skills issues, reading/spelling issues continue like reversing letters, difficulty with word problems and comprehension, and struggles to make friends. The characteristics of high school and on are: reading/spelling difficulties continue, still avoids oral reading and writing tasks, trouble with essays/short answers on tests, weak longer-term memory, excessive time spent on homework, and difficulty with multi-part instructions (Characteristics of 2011).

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Learning Disability

Communication Disorders can be difficult due the misunderstanding of verbal communication and not being able to articulate your ideas is very frustrating. Children with communication disorders have difficulties with speech, language, and hearing. These are crucial developments both academically and socially.

A communication disorder according to the American Speech- Language- Hearing Association is when a person has an impairment in the ability to process, comprehend concepts, send, and receive...

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