Learning Activity Two Essay

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Raymond Faulkner

Professor Monica Hardin

HUMN 101

Learning Activity Two

The myth about the non-retract ability of the cheetahs’ claws and the tear marks is an interesting gene that has always been told in my family from one generation to another. According to the myth, the cheetah and the leopard were once great friends. One day, they went out together to look for food. After travelling for more than 3 hours, they noticed gazelles grazing from a distance and agreed that the cheetah would go into the open land and chase the ...view middle of the document...

The cheetah tied as it was, looked at the leopard enjoying the meal, but could not climb the tree. He tried to use its claws to climb the tree for the whole night till the claws could not retract back and due to the pain, tears rolled down its cheeks. This is why the cheetahs’ claws are not retractable and the tear marks on its cheeks to date. The leopard however, had to come down after the meal was over to hunt alone from then henceforth.

Nonetheless, the myth about non retractability of the cheetahs’ claws as well as the tear marks has greatly changed due to the heritability information currently known. That is, scientists argue that for any phenotypic characteristics to be passed over to the offspring, it must be inherited as a genetic composition of the organism. This implies that the non retractability of the cheetahs’ claws and the tear marks must have been factors in their genome.

This story managed to build family virtues of assessing individual motives while working together. It developed a strong belief that lazy people will always want to make a kill out of other people’s struggle, hence the need to be careful in dealing with them. As such, my family has always adopted legal contracts in business to avoid being short changed by their partners. (372 words)

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