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Learning Essay

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Summer Study 2013
Speaking Assessment

A discussion regarding the proposed increase in international student tuition fees for 2014/2015 and the introduction of commercial shops on campus.
The Vice Chancellor of the University is proposing an increase of 20% in international tuition fees for the academic year 2014/2015. This would bring in an additional £2 million of revenue each year. Her aim is to make the University more competitive and to use this extra money to renovate existing University buildings along with updating the current technology available to students, in particular the installation of a video conferencing suite. She also has plans to build a state of the art ...view middle of the document...

Proposal | Cost |
New Fitness Centre | £2 million over 3 years |
Video Conferencing Suite | £500,000 |
New computers in computer centre | £1 million |
New printers | £250,000 |
20 additional photocopiers for student use | £30,000 |
24 hour library service | £250,000 |
24 hour postgraduate study area | £150,000 |
Extended library space for 1.4 million books | £1.2 million |
200 seat cafe | £500,00 |
Air conditioning facilities in all teaching rooms | £750,000 |
Faster wireless networking throughout the campus | £300,000 |

The increase in tuition fees is expected to bring in around £2 million a year
Revenue from commercial shops from rent and commission is expected to bring in £1 million a year.

With 3 students the first 3 roles will be used; with 4 students, the first 4 roles will be used.

Think about the following questions to do with the consequences of raising tuition fees, whilst considering people’s differing views on this subject
1) What happens if people in the group disagree with the decision to raise fees? What can be done?

2) What are the advantages of bringing in the extra revenue to the University?

3) Do you think that it is acceptable to introduce commercial shops into a University environment? What are the consequences of this?

4) What do you think the impact may be on student numbers? Will overseas students go elsewhere?

5) Do you consider a brand new Fitness Centre necessary for student life?

6) Would you prefer lower fees with less up-to-date technology or vice versa?

7) Do you consider a video conferencing suite necessary? Will it be available to all students?

By doing this you are much more likely to have better things to say and to communicate with more background knowledge in the meeting.

Look at the five roles below. Think about what this person might say in the meeting and how they might say it. Think of other ideas which this person might contribute. You will have the role card in front of you (but you should not have any notes) during the meeting.
To be a good communicator you must be a good listener. Do not simply prepare a number of ideas and communicate them all the first time you speak. Make a point and allow others to give their opinion and make suggestions. Use your other ideas at relevant points in the discussion.
Try to use a variety of ways of giving your opinion, agreeing and disagreeing, making and accepting/rejecting suggestions. Your language should be neutral to semi-formal and you should be assertive yet tactful.
For the marking criteria please see the Language Skills for Communication Module Handbook (yellow).
Role 1
You are the Strategic Policy Director for the University and are responsible for the new strategic plan to enhance the reputation of the University internationally. Your objective is to increase the fees of international students to...

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