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Financial Analysis project:
Franco Nevada Corp VS. Kinross Gold

RSM219H1 A Team assignment
L0801 – Instructor Ralph Tassone
Amen Hammad- 1000365311
Hao Xu-1000668155
Shaobo Hou- 1000127016
Andrei Baican- 1000589945
Anastasia Ionas- 999896554

Ratio analysis
Working capital= current assets- current liabilities
Current ratio = current assets current liabilities
Inventory turnover = Cost of goods soldAverage inventory ...view middle of the document...

S. dollars):
1. Liquidity:
Working capital (current assets- current liabilities)
2012: 879.2-56.8=822.4
2013: 912.3-51.1=861.2
Current ratio (Current ratio =current assets current liabilities)
2012: 879.2/56.8=15.48
2013: 912.3/51.1=17.85

2. Solvency:
Debt to total asset = Total liabilitiesTotal assets *100%
2012: 94.8/3243.9=2.92%

3. Inventory turnover = Cost of goods soldAverage inventory

4. Profitability
Earnings per share ratio = Net earnings available to common shareholdersweighted average number of common share
2012: 102.6/144.3=0.71
2013: 11.7/147.8=0.08

5. Gross profit margin = Gross profitnet sales
2012: 219.36/251.30=87.29%
2013: 154.71/188.44=82.10%

Kinross Gold
1. Liquidity:
Working capital (current assets- current liabilities)
2012: 3591.4-1309.6=2281.8
2013: 2405.8-712.9=1692.9

2. Solvency:
Debt to total asset = Total liabilitiesTotal assets *100%
2012: 4956.9/14882.6=33.31%

3. Inventory turnover = Cost of goods soldAverage inventory
2013:6002.8/1288.9((inventory dec 2012+inventory dec 2013)/2)=4.66%

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