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Leading Throught Understanding And Adapting Essay

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Leading Through Understanding and Adaptation
In the working world today we see both success and failure, often times mixed with a little chaos. For any individual who has had to work through these situations, they have experienced these highs and lows. Most people endure their situation and hope that tomorrow will bring a brighter day. Instead of just enduring we need to take a closer look at what causes these successes, failures, and turmoil. By focusing on the personal aspect of these situations, we can alleviate the outside influences of markets and economies. This would allow us to look closely at the intricate inner workings of personalities, and how they are the foundation people and ...view middle of the document...

There are many ways to accomplish this, but the most important thing employees need to have is motivation. We need to understand how to bring this behavior to fruition. Once this has been accomplished, we will start to see an increase in productivity, keeping in mind that motivation alone will not accomplish this. In order for productivity to increase there also need to be efficiency. This comes in the form of leaders respecting, understanding and utilizing, the skills and knowledge of their employees. Leaders must also realize the importance of employees and their “followership” role. With the most emphasis being placed on leadership and its importance, followership gets left in the shadows, when it is actually the crucial part of a successful leader.
In order for managers and supervisors to better understand how they can motivate and increase productivity of their personnel that they supervise they must first understand the personality traits of themselves and their employees. In an article Steve Schumacher wrote titled, Knowing the Different Personality Types can Make Managers More Successful”, he states that the importance lies in being aware, on a day-to-day basis, of these personalities and their behaviors, to give you clues as to what’s going on inside different individuals (28). It is with these methods, used to understand personalities that they must first begin.
One of the most studied models is the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI). In an assessment of the MBTI, Marcia Carlyn explains, that the MBTI model is based on the personality typology of Carl Jung, who believed that human behavior is consistent, orderly, and is based on the way people approached life (qtd. in 461). He started out by studying personality types to better understand his two colleagues, Freud and Adler. Jung noticed that the two had different ways of perceiving the world around them and tried better to understand why. His first conclusion was that one was an extravert while the other was an introvert, but he soon realized that it wasn’t as simple as two descriptions describing Freud and Adler, or even personalities in general. Through consistent studies of personality differences, Jung eventually developed the frame work for his typology index, as stated by Jean Kummerow and Mary Maguire (qtd. in 190-191)
In her Assessment of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Carlyn indicates that over 400 studies have taken place utilizing the MTBI, (pg.461). Giving further credibility to the MBTI, a group of 28 Jungian analyst were asked to classify themselves in the MBTI categories. After the assessment there was a 100% on the E-I (extraverted-introverted) categories, 68% on the S-N (sensing-intuitive) categories, 61% on the T-F (thinking-feeling) categories, and 43% on all three dimensions. The analysts then took the Gray-Wheelwright questionnaire, which is also designed to measures the Jungian types. While comparing their scores to the MBTI, they were remarkably similar,...

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