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Leadership Theories Essay

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Leadership Theories
Many different people attempt to take on the role of a leader but not many have the leadership skills needed to be a successful leader. Some have a natural talent of being leaders those are the ones you say were born to lead. Others are molded into leaders. Three motivational theories I chose to do research on are:
Trait Theories
Trait theories are based on the past and present characteristics of leaders. Trait theories help to examine the effectiveness of leadership skills helping to predict the success of a leader based on their known traits. Successful leaders definitely have interests, abilities, and personality traits that are different from those of the ...view middle of the document...

Places such as The United States of American and Europe where leaders can either be male or female are examples of behavioral theories.

Great Man Theory
The Great man theory simply sums up that leaders are born and not made Thomas Carlyle a 19th Century historian developed the Great Man Theory of Leadership. During the 19th century, the Great Man Theory of Leadership became very popular. The theory was formulated mainly by analyzing the behaviors of mainly military figures of the time. In the 1800s, authoritative positions were held solely by men and were typically passed on from father to son. Thus, it's not a coincidence that the theory was named "Great Man Theory" as there weren't any women that were given the opportunity to rise when the occasion presented itself. ("Great Man Theory," 2010-2012) In recent times we have many women who hold very important authoritative positions. Women these days hold various positions in government, public and private sectors.
Influence, Rewards and Interpersonal Skills
The three theories I chose I feel all coincide together. The theories I selected a leader can use to influence and reward individuals and team. In my field we have many men in many high positions. A lot of them are of the older generations something I like to call the old school way in speaking to a few that I do know I spoke to them regarding these theories and many of them are firm believers of the Great man theory. Though they said nowadays we are including women they all agreed that leaders can be influenced and taught how to lead as long as they have the basic concept of the business. One of them in particular the CEO of the company told me that when he has meetings with department workers and their leaders he explains to them how far they can go up the ladder here at our company. He tells them of where he began in the company and how he made his way to CEO. He never even thought when he came to work for our company he would make it that high up. ...

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