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Leadership & Systematic Change Essay Edu575

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Leadership & Systematic Change Essay
Grand Canyon University: EDA 575
April 18, 2012

Leadership & Systematic Change Essay
This essay will discuss the current leadership of French Ford Middle School (FFMS) and his characteristics toward school leadership. Also discussed will be what has been learned about change within the educational system. Lastly the possible changes that could be made to FFMS are presented.
The current leadership of French Ford Middle School (FFMS) is held by a single principal. His educational career began receiving an undergraduate secondary educational degree from Fairmont ...view middle of the document...

From Standard 4, the principal has been effectively collaborating with the school community and local community members. He has supported the solar panel project with the local power plant to build several on sit solar energy panels to generate power for the school. His collaboration with the local wildlife department he has allowed for funding and resources to build an extremely large greenhouse to implement life science curriculum activities and students growing native sagebrush for replanting in wildfire burn areas. For standard 3 he has great management of the organization, operations, and resources. He has great conflict resolutions among staff members. Teachers are teamed together and when problems arise he solves them quickly and ethically to provide a great environment of collaborative relationships in the school. He utilizes staff meeting to gain ideas and solutions to benefit the school. Standard 5 generally is FFMS’s principal’s strongest area. The principal is a big supporter of “backing up” or supporting his staff members, they are treated fairly and given great protection of rights. These actions of support and values are a great example and role model to the members of the school community.
The problematic areas that the principal exhibits are his lack of communication and lack of responsibility to accomplish a majority of his duties as principal. FFMS’s administrator does not have very effective communication of any kind. The communication used most frequently is Linear Communication which involves the leader giving messages one directionally - not much response or available communication opportunities from those receiving the message (Hersey, 2008) The reason the communication is not very effective and problems occur is because this form of communication is given with little to none allowance for response. Large amounts of his communication also is Information Overload in which or principal gives either too much information all at once with not wait time or rhyme or reason to some of the information and a lot of the communication is lost (Green, 2009).
The responsibility of the principal to accomplish a majority of his duties is a big part of his dislike within FFMS at this time. Evaluations and follow through is done at minimal to no effort. Evaluations generally are fast, not helpful, and manipulated to just allow for quick movement through the process. When asked to help, research, or to accomplish a task beneficial to the school the follow through is very minimal. According to research: “better prepared principals are viewed more favorably by teachers; student achievement is higher at schools where principals are available to take part in efforts to improve instruction; and higher levels of student achievement at schools where principals are available to improve instruction are associated with lower student grade repetition rates” (Borden, 2011). FFMS’s principal does not regularly accomplish these essential tasks...

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