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Leadership Styles & The Role Of A Team Leader

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90 Credit Diploma in Uniformed Public Services Unit 2, Assignment 1: Different Leadership Styles in the Uniformed Public Services

A leadership style is how the task is approached while motivating and instructing a team. Without an effective leader the completion of the goal is reduced.

Leadership Styles

The authoritarian leader tells people how they want things done without discussing it with others. This style is commonly seen used in services such as the Army, where a strict role of discipline is expected from soldiers under higher commands. In war, there is no time to think so a set task can help prevent deaths and mistakes. It also helps newer recruits know what to do when they ...view middle of the document...

A good example of laissez-faire leadership in the public services is in the police force. For example, if there has been a murder, the police need to trust that the forensic branch can bring what they know to help with the case. It would be disrespectful to tell someone how to do their job that they’ve trained for when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

The laissez-faire approach works well when a team is very well motivated. It is important to know that the leader fully trusts their team if this style is used. However, using this style with inexperienced staff can cause confusion and a breakdown of communication.

The transactional leader uses rewards and punishments to motivate a team. This type of leadership is similar to authoritarian leadership as transactional leaders still tell the team what they want out of them. However, transactional is not as extreme. An example of transactional leadership in the public services is in the army; if a soldier does well, he could get a day’s leave. But if he is bad, he may get kept behind to clean.

Transactional leadership is good to use because it motivates people to do well to experience their rewards which will also produce good results in their work. The leader has a clear line of authority with their staff. However, people may lose job satisfaction and lose the purpose of working there because they are now just driven by rewards.

The transformational leader aims to make their team members better through experience and skills. They spend time communicating with their team and develop an enthusiastic atmosphere. They have trust in their teams and because of this, people will happily follow what they say. An example of transformational leadership in the public services is in the police. For example, if the police are working on a project, and the leader has a vision of how to change things for the better, transformational leader can be used.

Transformational leadership is a good style to use because teams trust the leader and are motivated to do well thanks to their leader’s inspiring visions. However, large amounts of enuthiasm can tire the team out and some might not agree with the leader’s vision. The leader may also only see the big picture instead of the little details, which could cause disputes between workers.

The bureaucratic leader shares authority between groups and individuals. People who follow this style will always work to strict policies and rules and can become uncomfortable if things are not done the way they should be. An example of bureaucratic leadership is in the police. For example, if there police suspected someone of using drugs, they would have to test them using rules by the book such as testing for alcohol. If it goes over a certain number, the person has to be arrested. But if it is under the designated number, they can be let go.

Bureaucratic leadership is good for teaching employees to understand routine procedures and rules. It is also...

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