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Leadership Models Essay

3099 words - 13 pages

Mid-Term Exam

Monica Ponder
MAN 6296
February 17, 2012 |

Table of Contents

Leadership Models 1
Lincoln on Leadership and Civil War Leadership 1
Personal Traits 3
Ethics 4
Learnings from Tim Irwin and Tony Dungy 6
Personal Leadership Development 7

Leadership Models

1. We have studied several leadership models.

a. Upon which model(s) are you building your personal leadership foundation?
I have found useful parts of several different leadership models. Principle Centered Leadership fits best in my leadership style. The aspects of Principle Centered Leadership that I find most important is that values and convictions is the driving force ...view middle of the document...

Further, he had a strong voice and a tall stature, which gave him a psychological advantage over opponents. He had a great gift of storytelling which he used as a leadership tool. As we learned from Kouzes and Posner in “Credibility How Leaders Gain and Lose It,” that storytelling is a great tool for teaching lessons and making them easier to remember. He was born with these qualities as well. However, other qualities were developed over time such as his ability to speak and persuade. Lincoln developed these qualities through his time as a lawyer. This implies that we all have the ability to be a great leader. Not all qualities of leadership are inherent. They can be grown and developed consciously over time.
ii. Horace Greenley’s comment after Lincoln’s assassination: “Heir of poverty and insignificance, obscure, untaught….He was not born a king of men….He grew because we watered him…There was probably no year of his life in which he was not a wiser, cooler, better man than he had been the year preceding…I clearly discern that the one provincial leader, the indispensable hero of the great drama….fitted by his very defects and shortcomings for the burden laid upon him, the good to be wrought out through him, was Abraham Lincoln.”
Horace Greenley and Abraham Lincoln had a tumultuous relationship for many years. Despite having similar views on liberty and slavery, Greenley had serious doubts about Lincoln being well-suited for the great task of leading the nation through the crisis of The Civil War. Greenley never completely understood Lincoln’s greatness as a leader until many years after Lincoln’s death. Before being elected President, Lincoln was a country lawyer and very much an outsider to politics. He had business failings and he had not received the type of formal education that Greenley had received. I believe this quotation shows that Lincoln was a great leader, not because he was born into wealth or royalty, but because he continued to grow and improve over time. This growth came from struggling with hardship and leading people through a difficult time. More importantly, the growth came from Lincoln pushing through his shortcomings to lead in a manner based upon his beliefs. We can take from this that we all have the opportunity to be a great leader. Our leadership abilities are what we make of them.
b) What principles from Civil War leaders are you applying in your leadership and teamwork?
I was especially enjoyed Lincoln on Leadership and was impressed with all of Lincoln’s leadership methods discussed in the book. Those that I have begun to apply in my own life include those described by Donald T Phillips as Get Out of the Office and Circulate Among the Troops and Set Goals and Be Results Oriented. Lincoln spent a great amount of time out of his office among his advisors, constituents and troops. Lincoln was committed to gaining accurate information quickly and first hand. It...

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