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Leadership Capability And Performance Essay

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Date 30/6/14
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Margaret Hellon M5.29
The company is a small-medium sized enterprise that has traded for 50 years. It employs approximately 75 staff ranging from labourers , site managers, middle management and senior management and directors.

The business is very successful having traded for 50 years but maintains its’ small to medium sized enterprise status . This is possibly due to the fact it is a family run enterprise and the Director has maintained an equilibrium throughout prosperity and recession. This is mainly ...view middle of the document...

Behavioural Theory Focuses the ability to train leaders. That leaders can be developed through training programmes to make their managers into leaders and assumes that the style of leadership can be learned.

X Y Theory (MGregor) focuses on two traits X and Y
X being people are lazy and dislike work in general. They should be controlled, directed and threatened with punishment. These people like to be controlled and avoid any responsibility
Y being people who thrive on effort, goals and commitment to objectives, they are imaginative, ingenious and creative in finding solutions to the organisations problems.

We can identify two leadership theories in this organisation, these being Trait and XY Theory.

And the better understand the leadership qualities there are two prevailing styles of leadership: autocratic and participative. I shall endeavour to explain these styles in the following paragraphs.

The leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people (Kurt Lewin 1939). Lewin found that there were three dominating styles of leadership

Autocratic – authoritarian
Participative – democratic
Delegative – laissez faire

It is widely believed that a good leader combines all three of these styles but has one more dominant. Bad leaders tend to be autocratic (

Autocratic leaders tend to express their demands: how, when and without any advice from others. This style is only useful when there is a time constraint, when everyone knows all the information and have motivated staff.

A participative leader will have knowledge and skills but also employs likewise staff. This style is mutually beneficial to leader and staff as it allows staff to become part of the decision making process.

A good leader will use both autocratic and participative styles combining consideration and structure into the leadership.


The organisations values, beliefs and goals are not communicated to the staff. The mission statement and core values are not widely known. Staff know their particular role but they have no connection with their role and the core values or beliefs of the company. For the staff to appreciate role and commitment to the company, the core values and beliefs will need to be communicated to the staff. A good leader will produce a mission statement and communicate it to the staff and have feedback as to whether they understand these values and beliefs. IF no understanding is present, a good leader will put in place training and development to ensure these beliefs are communicated and understood.

The company in the main has an autocratic style of leadership relying heavily on a role structure, (Handy 1993) interspersed with a person culture to gain positive results. The organisational structure is that of an iceberg...

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