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Leadership Biography Essay

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Leadership has many dimensions and leaders have many factors that make them who they are, whether great or small. Leaders are shaped, molded and brought to their fullness by their perceptions of the world, their life experiences, people they have encountered along the way and how they develop their capabilities.

Current View of Leadership
Fortunately, this learner has had the opportunity to make an informed decision about how
I perceive leadership. To this learner Leadership is the ability to take charge of a situation and
move individuals to act on issues or situations they might normally never consider taking action on. It is this learner’s belief that some people are born to be great ...view middle of the document...

King was born to be the Leader for that particular time in history. His example of using peaceful measures influenced my thinking and my view of leadership. I participated in and lead peaceful student demonstration in the high school I attended using Dr. Kings principles. My view of leadership is one of diplomacy using measure that will draw individuals in to support the goals of an organization and commit to working together for the organization we are a part of.

Who and what has shaped my values and philosophy of Leadership
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. played a large role in the shaping of my philosophy and values about leadership. My mother is the other individual who has shaped my values with regard to leadership. I learned from her that respect and trust must be earned. Some leaders are unable to be effective because their subordinates do not trust nor respect them. Dr. King showed the world a new face of leadership; it was not harsh, did not use force and was able to accomplish the task set before him.

Analysis of my Leadership Style
The three styles of Leadership, Autocratic, Democratic and Delegative I would be more inclined to use the Democratic style of leadership. The Democratic style of leadership involves subordinates and allows them to have a voice in what is being implemented and suggestion on how to better reach their goal. Although each of these leadership styles can be used depending on the situation I would be more inclined to use the Democratic style. Autocratic Leaders are sometime overbearing and bossy, whereas the delegative leader may allow too much freedom and goals may not be met.
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