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Leadership Approach Essay

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Leadership Approach
Happiness R. Brown
University of Phoenix
LDR/531 Organizational Leadership
Brenda Talsma
October 22, 2012

An important aspect to any organization or team is leadership and the impact it can have on the success and completion of projects, goals and objectives. Leaders have many different styles in their approach of the leadership role. Some qualities needed to perform successful leadership roles include: respect, confidence, loyalty and obedience. The writer will provide an over-view and some insight of the approach of power-influence leadership.
“Power-influence research examining influence processes between leaders and other people” (Yukl, 2010, ...view middle of the document...

Because that person lacked the resources to attend school, it will prohibit them from obtaining the management position. In the same case, a person may have access to the resources needed to obtain the degree but has no motivation to attend school and gain the knowledge. Someone with both the resources and motivation is most likely to complete a degree program and obtain a position with power.
Power is a topic that has been researched for many years and has been classified into seven categories: connection, referent, legitimate, reward, coercive, informational and expert.
Connection power is characterized by a leader’s ability to obtain favor from those individuals who already have power. Referent power is power based on the charisma and traits of a leader that motivates others to accomplish the objectives of a group. Legitimate power is power that is based on the status of a leader that gives motivation to others to follow their instructions. Reward power occurs when incentives are offered by the leader in order to motivate their team to accomplish set goals and objectives. Coercive power is based on a leader subjecting individuals to fear and punishment if a task or objective has not been completed. Informational power is when a leader controls...

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