Leadership And Values Essay

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Leadership and Values

Erika Hawkins

Argosy University

Would you vote for a political candidate who was honest, competent, and agreed with you on most issues if you also knew that person was alcoholic, sexually promiscuous, and twice divorced?
Candidate can campaigns before the voting day and in these campaigns, they leaks most of his appearances to the community. Several political candidate try to assurances to the public such as health and education facilities. The partisan candidate starts their projects for the assurances that he or she has made, this attests that can be that candid person.
In addition, these political candidate also disclosures their critical thinking by ...view middle of the document...

He will forcefully stand in divorcing. This will highly help one make this right and wrong about this situation (Buchko, 2007).
When an entrant is honest, they are really in a virtuous stand point. Most community will build their confidence to this leader making management easier for both parties. Decency means a lot when one is a leader. They will be more open to the community making sure that they are inform with everything that is going on in the organization. Planning Frugality would be easier to due to lack of bribery cases. While some one is morally honest the corruption cases are limited (Wilcox & Ebbs, 1992).
Credibility proves too many advancements in the community such as improvement in health amenities and education. Progenies will had more educated and the crime rate will not so high. Service provider such as instructors and clinicians would be paid accordingly.
Creating a good operational zone without any cases of untrustworthiness. On the other hand, a competent political appropriate, which determines the leadership principles. Such a leader targets the economic development where he or she competes with the developed countries to raise his country or society to such a level (Wilcox & Ebbs, 1992).
Furthermore, he or she never accepts defeat to role the governed people. The political candidate try to makes the people under him or her become competitive also in future of many developments in the society. This will help more farm productivity therefore lowing food purchase. In that case, the society will able to control these challenges they will faces. Giving the community a chance to precise themselves and assenting to most of their views and issues is another virtuous point, where it would help everyone, conclude to which nominee to vote for.
As a political candidate, one decisions is basic on the people around them. They needs the society to back up and give their views. In that case, the community would be successful and well developed. Each member of the society would be ready to work hard to achieve the goal set (Wilcox & Ebbs, 1992).
It is will be immoral to establish a political contender who is twice divorced. Such a leader is never a role model to the general public. Voting such a leader in the society would be the cause of numerous cases of broken marriages due to the mistaken decisions made. Also, sexual promiscuity for a leader would be a great mistake.
By doing a depraved act in the general public. Leader who are sexually immoral, they has no leadership values hence any developments they would...

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