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Leadership And Organizational Behavior Essay

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Bon Secours Baltimore Health System
Monique S. Cain
December 11, 2011
Jere Ferguson

The organization that will be the topic of discussion will be Bon Secours Baltimore Health System. The Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours was founded in Paris, France in 1824 after the French Revolution. Throughout their history, the Sisters of Bon Secours have been committed to administering quality compassionate health care to anyone in need throughout the world. Today, their health care ministries are located in Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Peru and the United States. The first Bon Secours Hospital was on West Baltimore Street in Baltimore City in 1919. Bon Secours is a ...view middle of the document...

Even though Bon Secours was originally stated by the Sisters of Bon Secours and their mission is to help those in need, they have veered away from being so helpful. They have hired nurses to just fill positions and have not looked into their background the way they should, thus having nurses with drug problems in the emergency department with all access to medications. Moreover, they caring for those in need has turned to sending them away because they do not want to deal with certain issues. For example, they are no longer giving food that is provided to feed the homeless but instead they are turning them away so they do not have to see the same people every day.
While Monique’s sister, Kim, was working at Bon Secours Hospital she was the Lead Partner and Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department (ED). During this time, she not only witnessed during her shifts but was also informed in meetings of the issues that the hospital had, especially in the ED. In fact, some of those issues were so severe that employees were fired, and then those employees tried to sue the hospital for wrongfully firing them. Right now, that is all still being held up in court after two plus years.
One of the biggest issues that was going on in the ED was a communication problem. There was an issue because a lot of the nurses and even doctors were of Philippine decent. Now they would like to speak in the native tongue with each other, which was not an issue until it occurred in front of patients that were not of their native tongue. To resolve the issue the hospital decided to put out a policy and had all the employees sign the policy that there were no longer allowed to speak in any other language in the ED other than English, unless they were on break and in the break room. All employees did sign the agreement and it seemed like a lot of issues were resolved then.
Unfortunately, this did not last long because managers, supervisors, and lead partners were not making sure it was being enforced. One evening there was a patient in critical condition and she was being seen by one of the Filipino doctors and nurse. For some reason they decided to speak in their native tongue and not in English and then the nurse misunderstood the doctor and pushed a drug through the IV that was wrong. The person did survive but sued the hospital and was conscious at the time so the patient knew the doctor and nurse were not speaking in English. The employees involved were fired and are now trying to sue Bon Secours for wrongfully firing them and that the agreement to only speak English was illegal. Therefore, poor communication can affect patient care and safety (Timmins, Fiona).
This is not only a communication issue but also an ethical issue. There has to be trust in workplace and people have to comfortable enough, coming from different backgrounds, in order to work together in a setting like an ED (Trapp, N. Leila). There has to be cultural awareness and without it there will...

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