Leadership Analysis Jeff Bezos

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Leadership Management Jeff Bezos


|Leadership Self-Assessment: Readiness (p. 12) |
|Score | 81 |
|Interpretation |I believe does not represent well my Leadership ability for one main reason: It does not grade |
| |Humility. I believe that I could have gotten a much better score had I jotted all 5’s, and I could |
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I believe in the Win-Win scenario as |
| |being the foundation to all good business transactions. I believe that Win-Lose only lead to |
| |dissatisfaction and unethical practices. When I am bargaining, I need to also keep in mind the other |
| |side of the negotiations. If they feel like they have won, then I will feel the same way. |
|Leadership Self-Assessment: Task Orientation (p. 105) |
|Score | 4 out of 10 Mostly Agree |
|Interpretation |I do believe this survey meets my expectation in interpreting a task minded person. There are a couple|
| |of questions that I believe do not need to be asked to come up with a grade on being task-oriented. |
| |One of them being “I freely criticize work that does not meet standards”. I believe it is human nature|
| |to be defensive about one’s work. I do not think that “freely” criticizing the means to the task |
| |accomplishment mean that you are not task oriented yourself. There are plenty of task oriented people |
| |who are difficult to confront others about their task accomplishments. Yet they will complete |
| |everything that is asked from them. |
|Skill Development |Number 6 states that I feel good about a work week only if we have achieved the team’s goals. I feel |
| |as if I should write down more weekly goals and see about keeping a score on what is getting |
| |accomplished throughout the week. The end of the week should be about celebrating those completed |
| |tasks, and therefore building momentum for the next round of tasks. |
|Leadership Self-Assessment: Style (p. 115) |
|Score | 18 |
|Interpretation |Out of all the surveys for Self-Assessment, I believe this has to be the most accurate. I do see |
| |correlations with this survey and the ability to analyze leadership styles that effective leaders are |
| |contingent on organizational situations. ...

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