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Leadership Essay

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Social Loafing
* A phenomenon that occurs in groups whereby group members exert less effort than when working independently
* Equitable contribution (fairness, equal input among members)
* Lack of group cohesion (likely to loaf if not good friends)
* Lessened relationship between input and outcome
Bandura’s Theory of Moral disengagement
* Advantageous Comparison- comparing our actions to others, judging ourselves to other bad things that others are doing to make yourself feel better
* Displacement of Responsibility- attributing responsibility to some one else, blaming other party
* Diffusion of Responsibility- This is when the services of ...view middle of the document...

Put at ease, check current skill level, mentally prepared how to coach, handouts if you need to brush up on some things reading over
Demonstration:- Show at normal speed so they know whats expected, then do it slowly with explanation
Practice:- Correct errors and give enocouragement
Follow Up- gradually decrease supervision, make sure they know where to go for help when needed
Week 2 Concepts of customer service
Good customer service:
* Friendly convos
* Personalized (remembers regulars)name, specific order notices you
Motivations for serving
* Recognition
* To be noticed
* Financial reward
* Religious
* To bring happiness to another
* Personal satisfaction
* Emotional intelligience
Humanity Service
* Being an expert in human nature
* Learning to read people/Anticipating needs
* Connecting with people
* Putting others first
* Seeing individuals
Psycological needs of customers
* To Feel welcome (glad to see me or being nuisance?, to feel important (am I valued?), to be understood)do you really know what I want listening?)and to be comfortable(comfortable environment_
The challenge of service:-
Delivering great service is critical for most companies , service means WHOLE experience, satisfying needs and creating value. The experience is not only product but the entire delivery process and experience, in which customers are active participants.
Service Delivery Factors:
1. Delivery is made up of a combination of tangible elements (Objective and measureable eg. product) and other intangibles and subjective ones
2. The customer participates in a direct and interactive way in the service production process
3. The production and consumption of the service almost always occur simultaneously or immediately in time and space.
The characteristics of intangibility (difficult to control quality, measure customer satisfaction), interactivity( high degree of personalization, danger of inconsistency) and immediacy( difficult to manage growth, importance of waiting times and inefficiencies in the process) have important implications for service management.
Key steps in developing a strategic service model
1. Target market
Carefully design to whom our service is targeted to, good service requires proper customer segmentation, the broadly defined out target market is the harder to provide good service
2. Value concept
Important to understand that customer assessments will be determined by their expectations and their perception of the service actually received, only when perception is better than expectation will their level of satisfaction be positive.
In service management, research of this relationship is the first LAW of services
Satisfaction=Perceived value-expectations
Perceived value = Results +Process+ Emotional value
Uncertainties include customers not knowing what they are going to...

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