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Leadership: A Must For Nation Building

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Leadership: A Must for Nation Building
By: Christine Joy Itchon Julian

Philippine history books let us know that our country had undergone countless revolutions, numerous heroic deeds and several struggle for reform and development. Leaders of different generation stand for justice and sacrifice themselves for “Freedom” and “Independence” from invaders and fought for “peace”. It was the scenario during the Spanish regime in our land. But the values that our ancestors portrayed must neither be forgotten nor be buried in the depth of forgetfulness rather they must always serve as a good example especially for the youth of this era. Like them we must not be afraid to assert our rights and fight for the truth and ...view middle of the document...

We must not miss that opportunity or let it pass us by. Let us make a change while there is still a chance because time will come that there will be a lot room for changes but no more chances. Let us take the initiative to be different. It is our call to action. Let us be proactive rather than being passive. Let us bring to life the essence of leadership, initiative and honesty.

If our ancestors shed blood, sacrificed their lives and participated in the social reform, we will also take our step towards the fulfillment of the change that is very much long awaited by Filipinos. We are all seeking to improve Philippines’ Third world country status. The youth of today will play a very imperative role in realization of this vision. We will be the catalysts for change, icon for development, agent for nation building ambassadors for peace and order . We will not remain outspoken and meek. We will stand and hold our heads up high with pride, honor and firm faith in our advocacy and principle. We believe that our efforts will never go unnoticed. We will shape tomorrow through the prowess of our pens and veracity of our thoughts.

We have a lot of God given gift and talents. We must use it not only in fulfilling our personal aspirations and dreams but also in becoming an asset in our society and most of all for glorifying God. Remember that it is not what you get that matters it is what you make with what you’ve get to the best of your ability. Let us take the initiative to be different. It is our call to action. Let us have a sense of purpose. Let us be and epitome of leadership and self discipline. Let us make a legacy that those behind us will follow and emulate.

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