Layering & Internet Model Essay

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There are three parts to this assignment relating to each lecture in Module 1.

Part 1: Layering and the Internet Model
Imagine that a technology organization has been in business for decades, and that the organization developed its own method of computer-to-computer communication. Because this method of communication only occurs within this organization, it is not layered, but rather is designed to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible on the custom hardware by using the least amount of overhead possible. The organization continues to create its own communication hardware and software that works with modern computers, but the CTO of the organization is considering replacing this ...view middle of the document...

Which will allow company to consider different vendors and organization can choose more based on their requirements and their won’t be any monopoly. Thus Cost will be reduced as there will be many vendors offering the products at different layers. Competition and compatibility of the products will be more, which will in turn reduce the cost.

Topic 2: The Disadvantages of a Layered Model
Identify and describe the disadvantages of a layered solution when compared to the organization’s non-layered solution.

1.The processing and data overhead because for any communication to take place it has to go through all 5 layers (internet model ) and 7 layers for OSI model.
2. The data overhead as it adds headers at each layer as the datagram moves down the stack. Thus part of bandwidth is used for the protocol headers instead of message/data.
3. Addition of headers at each layer also increases the computation overhead.

Topic 3: The Layers of the Internet Model
Identify the layers of the Internet Model, and explain what functionality each layer would provide for the organization, if adopted.

Layers of the Internet Model :

1. The Physical Layer
2. The Data link layer
3. The Network layer
4. The Transport layer
5. The Application layer

Physical layer : The Physical layer is the lowest layer of the internet model and is concerned with the transmission and reception of the unstructured raw bit stream. It describes the electrical/optical, mechanical, and functional interfaces to the physical medium, and carries the signals for all of the higher layers. It provides data encoding, physical medium attachment, transmission technique.
Determines whether the encoded bits will be transmitted as analog or digital
Signaling. The examples of physical layer are cables(optical fiber cable, UTP cable, coaxial cables, telephone cables). Also in case of wireless network medium of transmission is air.
For the above technology organization, the physical layer will be the RJ-45 UTP cable for LAN and fiber optic cable for Backbone network.

Data link layer :
The Data link layer manages the physical transmission circuit in layer 1 and transforms it into a circuit that is free of transmission errors as far as layers above are concerned. Another task of layer 2 is to solve the problems caused by damaged ,lost ,or duplicate messages so the succeeding layers are shielded from transmission errors. The data link layer is also responsible for logical link control, media access control, hardware addressing, error detection, error correction and handling and defining physical layer standards. It provides reliable data transfer by transmitting packets with the necessary synchronization, error control and flow control.

The data link layer is where most LAN (local area network) and wireless LAN technologies are defined. Among the most popular technologies and protocols generally associated...

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