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Law Of Connection Essay

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Isaiah 7:1-17
The law of connection

In Isaiah chapter seven Isaiah is giving a prophecy to Ahaz who is looking at a potential war with the kingdoms of both Israel and Aram. God spoke to Isaiah and told him to go to Ahaz, and tell him to “be careful, be quiet, do not fear”. The lord spoke through Isaiah saying that Rezin and Pekah, the kings of Syria and Israel, were like burning firewood that will soon be burnt up and gone. God wanted to have Isaiah assure Ahaz to not let his heart grow faint, and to keep his faith that the Lord was looking after him. Isaiah makes a prophecy that in sixty-five years Israel ...view middle of the document...

When thinking of the Law of Connection I think about how God connects with us. We as Christians should feel a call to serve God, and we know and believe that God is God and can do anything. However it’s the moments when God truly calls on us or gives us a calling that we find ourselves in a situation where we completely align ourselves with him. When God makes this connection with us it does more than just give us direction on where to go. In these sacred moments with God we are given something concrete that we can go back to, and remember the intimacy of the moment that gives us strength to keep the fight. These moments don’t happen everyday, and we cannot stay in them forever. We must fight to get into that presence everyday by crucifying our fleshly desires.
God called Abraham through divine visitation. God called Joseph through a dream; God called Moses through a burning bush, and David through the prophet Samuel. Each of these mighty men of God all had a divine moment when they knew their calling, and aligned themselves with God’s purpose for their life. Whenever they felt down, depressed, or lost I guarantee they went back to the moment they know God’s calling on their life for strength and encouragement. When God connects with you he leaves a lasting impression. So take it to heart and never forget what he said to you, because you will need to go back to that moment for confirmation again and again.

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