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Law Discuss On Religious Act Essay

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During the process of preparing the report, we had the chance of experiencing and rediscovering our potentials. This assignment gave us an opportunity to apply our theoretical expertise, sharpen our views, ideas and communication skills, which will help us in our future professional career.

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Sajol Roy
A.K.M Khademul Insun
Monshi, Md. Ariful Rahman

Law - 1

( ACT NO. I OF 1880).

An Act to confer certain powers on Religious Societies

Whereas it is expedient to simplify the manner in which certain bodies of persons associated for the purpose of maintaining religious worship may hold property acquired for such purpose, and to provide for the dissolution of such bodies and the adjustment of their affairs and for the decision of certain questions relating to such bodies; It is hereby enacted as follows:-

1. This Act may be called the Religious Societies Act, 1880. It shall extend to the whole of Bangladesh but nothing herein contained shall apply to any Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists, or to any person whom the Government may from time to time by notification in the official Gazette, exclude from the operation of this Act.

2. When anybody of persons associated for purpose of maintaining religious worship has acquired, or hereafter shall acquire, any property, and such property has been or hereafter shall be vested in trustees in trust for such body, and it becomes necessary to appoint a new trustee in the place of or in addition to any such trustee or any trustee appointed in the manner hereinafter prescribed, and no manner of appointing such new trustee is prescribed by any instrument by which such property was so vested or by which the trusts on which it is held have been declared, or such new trustee cannot for any reason be appointed in the manner so prescribed, such new trustee may be appointed in such manner as may be agreed upon by such body, or by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members of such body actually present at the meeting at which the appointment is made.

3. Every appointment of new trustees under section 2 shall be made to appear by some memorandum under the hand of the chairman for the time being of the meeting at which such appointment is made. Such memorandum shall be in the form set forth in the schedule hereto annexed, or as near thereto as circumstances allow, shall be executed and attested by two or more credible witnesses in the presence of such meeting, and shall be deemed to be a document of which the registration is required by the Registration Act, 1908 section 17.

4. When any new trustees have been appointed, whether in the manner prescribed by any such instrument...

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