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Law And Governance Essay

451 words - 2 pages

Assignment 1
EDLM1002 2014/2015
This task is based on the summative assessment requirement addressed in your Student Guide. It will be used to award 25 % of your overall grade (100%) for the course and is based on activities you have done in the first two units.  It will require you to provide evidence of: (a) your contribution to learning (b) journaling reflectively and making improvements based on feedback/discussion (c) your ability to critically analyze and justify conclusions based on interaction with relevant literature.
1. Based on your interactions with the course readings thus far, select a perspective/definition of reflective practice you can identify with and give at least four reasons for your choice.
2. Used the selected perspective/definition identified in one above and ...view middle of the document...

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Upload your assignment before or on the due date:
October 20th, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. EST
Interpretation of Assignment (4 marks)
Understanding of Principles of Reflective Practice (5 marks)
Reflective Quality of Contributions (4 marks)
Completed Activities (8 marks)
Authenticity/Credibility (4 marks)
 INTERPRETATION (1 mark each per criteria)
* All aspects of task done
* Understanding of what assignment requires
* Sourcing evidence for areas required
* Demonstration of analysis of literature
oIdentifies appropriate definition  
oUnderstanding of reflective qualities
oDemonstration of reflective abilities
oAbility to identify appropriate reflective qualities
oProvides adequate justifications for suggestions using relevant literature
REFLECTIVE QUALITY (1 mark each per criteria)
* Contextual relevance is evident (consistent with product chosen)
* Intellectual quality - theoretical principles/insights from overt actions, thoughts and feelings are considered
* Learning/change/development supported with evidence
* Responds to feedback via journal
COMPLETED ACTIVITIES (2 marks each per criteria)
oActivities identified and verified
oIdentification of main takeaways
oIdentification of changes towards learning practices
oIdentification and justifications of skills developed
AUTHENTICITY/CREDIBILITY (1 mark each per criteria)
* Credibility/authenticity of claims, suggestions, ideas etc presented
* Sourcing of evidence for areas required
* Logical organization  of work
* Use of APA format
Submission status
This assignment will accept submissions from Saturday, 18 October 2014, 12:00 PM

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