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Last Judgement Essay

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Shabria Rahming
Professor Soifer
Art History Paper
November 23, 2011
The painting I chose to write about was “The Last Judgement” which is a masterpiece by Michelangelo. This painting covers the whole entire wall behind the alter of the Sistine chapel. This is an illustration of the second coming of Christ. In the painting you can tell that Michelangelo was inspired by the Bible, but he also uses his own visual ideas and imagination in this painting. This painting is huge, and its measurements are 48X44 feet. This painting was created between the years of 1536 and1541. This painting was made out of fresco, so Michelangelo had to work fast on this painting so he would be done before ...view middle of the document...

This painting has some other unique features about it. For example, the men and women have very voluptuous body figures. This is how most of the people are painted in Michelangelo’s paintings. I believe this is how people were perceived in his era. This is totally different then how things are in our times. Now women have to be skinny or even anorexic to be perceived as beautiful. Painters don’t usually draw voluptuous people in their paintings anymore.
Since I’m a Christian and I know quite a bit about the Bible and some pieces of this painting is out of the Bible. For instance, under Christ the Archangel can be seen reading from “The Book of Life”. He’s telling people which ones are going to heaven and which ones are going to be cast down into hell. Michelangelo definitely used his imagination on how the demons would look like, which are coming to get the damned souls who are going to hell. Michelangelo made this painting look very realistic, and he used very vibrant colors. It looks realistic because he added emotions to the people’s faces, and he used body language for everyone, so you could tell what type of mood they were in.
In my religion some of this painting is true and some of it is theories we don’t believe in. In our Christian religion we believe in the Last Judgement, but it doesn’t quite play out the way this painting is trying to portray it. We believe Christ is going to come back but he will take the saved souls and cast the unsaved into to hell for eternity. We don’t believe in boatman rowing them to hell or anything that pertains to mythology. This was a great and interesting painting and I enjoyed writing about it.

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