Labor Relations Essay

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Chapter 7
Case Study Part 1: Cami Machado, Trainer

One of Cami’s other tasks, in addition to implementing the black box technology, is to ensure that everyone affected by the system changes will be trained well in advance of the implementation. As such, she is responsible for “training the trainers” or “train-the-trainers” sessions as they are called. Being at the center of the change and having taught Information Technology courses at a local university in the past, she feels well prepared to lead the train-the-trainers courses on new data security procedures for Listo Systems. She is eager to conduct the first session and has spent two weeks preparing large, detailed manuals rich in ...view middle of the document...

While Cami knows she could do a good job, she is procrastinating and continues to look to have the presentation reassigned. This is shaping up to be a make or break consideration for many client contracts and her manager would like to help before this situation gets worse.

Previously, with regard to the Cami Machado case study, you looked at performance readiness in a basic sense involving acceptance and ownership. Digging deeper, performance readiness is assessed by looking at two very specific behavioral indicators: ability and willingness.

Ability is the relevant knowledge, experience and consistently demonstrated skill with the task.

Willingness is the current confidence, commitment and motivation to perform the task.

List behavioral indicators demonstrating Cami’s ABILITY to train the trainers:
a. Knowledge (knows how to do)
Cami is tasked with the implementation of the black box technology which indicates that she is very familiar with setting this system up. Being knowledgeable on this subject matter gives her the confidence to share her knowledge and train and give the proper instructions on how to implement the new system changes. She has prepared herself two weeks in advance by preparing large, detailed manuals rich in statistics and flow charts which also reveal her knowledge.

b. Experience (has done before)
Because she has taught Information Technology courses at a local university in the past, this indicates that she has the ability to teach others. Although it does not state whether or not the students gave excellent evaluations on her courses, her performance readiness is still high (R4) because she is able, confident and willing to teach.

c. Skill (is doing)
“Cami is the center of the change” this statement illustrates that she has a huge responsibility at Listo Systems and that the company is confident in her skills and knowledge to carry out the task to train-the-trainers.

2. List behavioral indicators demonstrating Cami’s WILLINGNESS to train the trainers:

a. Confidence (can do)
Cami shows her confidence by being eager to get started.
She feels well prepared to lead the train-the-trainers...

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