Labor Laws And Unions Essay

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Labor Laws and Unions

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Labor Laws and Unions

In this paper I will briefly give background information on Union Pacific Railroad. Identify any legal issues and obstacles that Union Pacific may have or encounter. Discuss if any federal, state, or local laws were broken because of the legal issues and why. I will also provide recommendations to minimize any litigation.
The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 was approved by President Abraham Lincoln, it also provided the construction of railroads. Union Pacific Railroad is a transportation company chartered by Congress to build the nation’s first transcontinental railroad line. Because of the Pacific Railroad ...view middle of the document...

When employees come together they will have more authority to make helpful modifications and gain securities on the job then they would by themselves. There are five basic steps in the unionization process:
1. Know your legal rights – The National Labor Relations Act gives workers the right to:
* When they are not at work attend meetings
* Talk about the union
* Distribute union literature as long as it is at break or lunch time
* Show support for union by signing a card or petition
* Ask others to support the union
2. Gather InformationGather as much information as you can about where you work. Find out what issues you and your co-workers are facing. Get your co-workers contact numbers. 3. Build Your Own UnionDepending on the workplace efforts, to form a union may vary, but the best way is to makeemployees take control of the development on their own. The team will assist in building astrategy that is comfortable for your co-workers. When building a union you will need anOrganizing Committee that can make sure you succeed at forming a union. The OrganizingCommittee will educate co-works about the assistances of unionizing and their privilegesunder the law, this will motivate co-workers to be confident when they take action, and help plan a successful strategy. 4. Make Your Union “Official”When the negotiator is able to demonstrate a solid majority backing to create a union, you can mark your union official. There are many ways this can be done contingent upon thekind of workplace. One way is to request the National Labor Relations Board, to hold asecret ballot election. Another way to gain official union recognition is to have youremployer be on familiar terms with the union. 5. Win a Strong Union ContractOnce you win recognition it does not stop there. The next step will be to win a fair contract. When the union is certified the employer has to reason in honesty with theunion to create a legitimate joining agreement concealing all parts of employment. Theunion will then select a bargaining team and select what adjustments and enhancementsyou would like to suggest to the employer. Approval of the finishing contract will bedetermined by the negotiator. | |
A union does not use persuasive words because they are not enough to win well

contracts. Usually, bargaining is conducted by using the same principles as the contract

campaign. The negotiating team should be active trained members, so that management can be

reminded of the organized power of workers. This also reminds workers that they are the union

and that bargaining is conducted by them and not for them. The negotiating team’s bargaining

strategy should be based on goals with an understanding of management’s objectives, strengths,

and weaknesses. There is always timing and choice of tactics when it comes to bargaining

discussion should be related to worksite activities, community action,...

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