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Lab Report #1

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Lab #1 “Who has the same solid that I have?”
Different Physical and chemical tests were performed on 10 numbered unknown solids and the results of all tests were compared as a class to try and determine which groups had the same unknown solids based on similarities in properties. It was found that my given unknown solid #11 shared similar properties with the unknown solid #1. A side by side analysis of the reactivity test in which Hydrochloric acid (HCI), lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was added to three separate samples of the compounds unknown #1 and #11 aqueous solutions. The results for both unknowns were identical, leading to the conclusion that my ...view middle of the document...

The ph of the unknown was found with ph paper. The reactivity was observed when adding Hydrochloric acid (HCI), lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to three separate samples of the compounds aqueous solution. After adding the last solution of NaOH ph paper was held over the solution to see if ammonia was being produced. The color change of the flame on a bunsen burner when the solid was added was also observed, as well as if the unknown solid melted when placed on a scoopula on top of the flame. The goal of the experiment was to identify the other group in class that shared the same unknown solid. This was achieved by collecting the properties of each solid from each group together as a class and then hypothesizing who shared the same solid by linking together unknowns with similar properties. Side by side analysis was then done with the hypothesized same solids in which one of the previous tests that produced a unique result from the other solids was redone, to confirm that the solids were indeed the same.
given unknown solid #11

Table 1. Properties found for each unknown solid
# |color/shape |solubility |conductivity
solid/solut |acid/base |reactivity
HCI/Pb/NaOH |flame color |melt time | |1 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
3 bars |acid |-slightly yellow
-bright yellow
-none |blue/green |none | |2 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
8 bars |neutral |-none
-none |little bit
orange |none | |3 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
10 bars |acid |-white chunks cloudy
-brown and cloudy |small
orange |20 sec | |5 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
1 bar |neutral |-none
-none |purple |none | |7 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
10 bars |neutral |-white
-brown |small
white? |20 sec | |9 |white/crystalline |S |no/yes
10 bars |neutral |-none
-none |yellow |none | |10 |white/crystalline |S |no/no |acid |-none
-none |no color change |21 sec | |11 |white/crystalline |S |no/no |neutral |-small yellow
-bright yellow
-ph paper turned green/blue |no color
change |none | |12 |white/crystalline |IN |no/yes
2bars |neutral |-none
-ph paper turned blue |orange |none | |

Table 2. Results from side by side reactivity test
Unknown # |Reactivity
HCI |Reactivity
Pb |Reactivity

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