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Lab 4 Essay

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Lab 4
Daniel Torres
Mr. Kay

Virtual Lab Tour
The first difference I did take notice was the entirely different look that it brought up. With Windows 10, we have the start menu, which in my case, is a reason I love Windows and its OS. Ubuntu doesn’t have one, but it is still manageable. The office applications it comes with is pre-installed and works ...view middle of the document...

The office suite that really makes the difference in both configurations is the look and feel. With icons being changed and a different feel about it. The windows landscape of it changing the closing current window bugs me because it is on the left rather than the normal right I am used to. Although Ubuntu office software is limited and only most used applications for that suite would be used on everyday uses, it doesn’t compare to that of Windows 10.
The dash home environment from Ubuntu brings up limited content that you would use immediately, but not the essentials in Windows 10. I would like to implement the Start Menu to Ubuntu as many users in the Windows 8 community did not like the fact that Microsoft took the number one feature out.
The installation of Ubuntu differed on the fact that it took quite some time to install and the student next to me had a problem himself though. It sent him into terminal rather than the GUI interface of the desktop. I had no issues on my part, other than installing VM tools for Linux.

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