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Lab 3 Assessment Questions & Answers

1. What two access controls can be set up for Windows Server 2003 folders and authentication?
Authentication & Access Control
2. If you can browse a file on a Windows network share, but are not able to copy it or modify it, what type of access controls and permissions are probably configured?

Security Policy
3. What is the Windows tool ...view middle of the document...

Relate how Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory and the configuration of access controls achieve CIA for departmental LANs, departmental folders, and data.

Creates security principals in the Active Directory partition

5. Would it be a good practice to include the account or user name in the password? Why or why not?
No- it is not a good idea, because most password cracking programs will insert the account.

6. Can a user who is defined in the Active Directory access a shared drive if that user is not part of the domain?

Non domain machines cannot access shared folders

7. Does Windows Server 2003 require a user’s logon/password credentials prior to accessing shared drives?

Yes- Credentials are required

8. Using what you know about access controls, what security controls would you recommend when granting access to LAN systems for guests (i.e., auditors, consultants, third-party individuals, etc.) that will maintain CIA of production systems and data?

Read only Permissions with limited access.

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