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Lab 1.2: Binary Math And Logic

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Exercise 1.2.1
1. Using Figure 1- 9 as an example, determine the result of adding 110 2 and 1001 2 .
Exercise 1.2.2
1. Using Figure 1- 9 as an example, determine the result of adding 110 2 and 101 2
Exercise 1.2.3
1. Using Figure 1- 9 as an example, determine the result of adding 111 2 and 111 2 .
Exercise 1.2.4
1. Determine the result of 100 2 OR 011 2 .
Exercise 1.2.5
1. Determine the result of 111 2 AND 100 2 .
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1. Using the AND operator, what is the result of 1100 2 AND 1111 2 ? What can you conclude about using AND on any value with a string of 1s?
When using AND on any value with a string of 1s, a 1 will be the result.
Exercise 1.2.9
1. Using the OR operator, what is the result of 1100 2 OR 1111 2 ? What can you conclude about using OR on any value with a string of 1s? What value can you use with an OR operator to preserve the other input number in the logical equation?

Lab 1.2 Review
1. Determine the result of 10010000 2 + 1101110 2 . Show the mapping that you created to solve this addition problem.

2. Determine the result of 11001100 2 AND 11111100 2 . Show the mapping or truth table that you used to solve this logic problem.
3. Determine the result of 11001100 2 OR 11111100 2 . Show the mapping or truth table that you used to solve this logic problem.

4. Using parentheses in binary works just like it does in decimal, where the operation inside the parentheses should be performed first. With this rule, determine the result of NOT( 11001100 2 AND 11111100 2 ). Show the steps, mapping, or truth table that you used to solve this logic problem.

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