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L’oreal Usa: A Conflict Management Case

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The outcome of the short-term outcome of the conflict is that L’Oreal has to face to Yanowitz’s lawsuit. However, This lawsuit will develop into a public relations disaster, then L’Oreal will lose it’s strong brand identity and reputation if the conflict is not resolved. The key shareholders in this case not only care about the influence any negative press surrounding this lawsuit will have on the stock price, but also worries about any long-term ramifications to the L’Oreal brand. There are many reasons for conflict within a team or between teams. In this case, there are three primary causes of the conflict. First of all, When Wiswall told Yanowitz to terminate sales associate he thought unattractive, she did nothing to fire the sales associate and did not file a complaint with Human Resources; nor did she let Wiswall know his order was discriminatory. Then, L’Oreal management began soliciting negative feedback on Yanowitz after her supervisor discovered the ...view middle of the document...

From this view Wiswall should know the Middle Eastern employee’s performance first, but not just judge her by her physical appearance. Otherwise, it is easy make people treat the issue as discrimination. Which shows Wiswall doesn't have the ability to manage the diversity. On the other hand, L’Oreal claims that Yanowitz was fired for not obeying an order from her superior and for mistakes in her performance. It’s obviously that they see the issue through completely different perspectives. Secondly, Wiswall became frustrated and began to solicit complaints from Yanowitz’s subordinates. Instead of solving the internal conflict, L’Oreal management began soliciting negative information about Yanowitz. As a manager, it is important to resolve the internal conflict as soon as possible. Unfortunately,L’Oreal didn’t have a successful employee training and education. That’s why the problem just kept getting worse at that moment. Last but not lease, no one will deny the importance of strong communications skills. Yanowitz argues she was forced to take a medical leave of absence and became the subject of harsh criticism. However, Yanowitz didn’t try to communicate with her supervisor or Human Resources. Moreover, L’Oreal just replaced her after three months with communication.

Collaborating strategy is the best way for Edwards to settle the conflict in this case. Because both of them are highly assertive but unlike the competitor,they acknowledge that everyone is important. The best solution in this situation is for L’Oreal and Yanowitz to settle the case out of court. Anyway, the potential for a courtroom battle over discrimination is too big a risk for the company to take at this time. Firstly, as an executive Vice President of Human Resources at L’Oreal USA, Edwards should approach Yanowitz on settling this issue out of court to minimize the negative publicity the case will bring through. Secondly, in order to calm Yanowitz down, Edwards should ask Wiswall to make a sincere apology to her and give her reasonable compensation. Also, it is significant for L’Oreal USA to isolate this incident and address its overall corporate policies on hiring or firing to avoid it happening again in the future.

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