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Kudler Team Paper

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In accordance with Service Request: SR-kf-013, the design team at Team A Solutions has developed this proposal to define the scope, goals, feasibility, requirements, and data flow for Kudler’s Frequent Shopper Rewards Program that is being developed (Kudler Fine Foods, Inc., 2008). We have addressed the issues involving the schedule and budget of the program’s design, implementation, training, and support. The proposal will also discuss the network upgrades of software and hardware related to this new program. After the stakeholders are identified, their participation and approval will be needed throughout the project life cycle.
About Kudler

Kudler Fine Foods is a California-based ...view middle of the document...

Kudler will benefit from the ability to track the items most purchased, generate reports on new or seasonal item sales trends to forecast future purchasing, and boost revenue through new customers and increased sales.
Project Goals

After the initial meeting with the company stakeholders and the design team at Team A Solutions, the project scope and the following goals were outlined for the creation of the frequent shopper program. The newly integrated program will need to be seamless with the existing POS systems currently used by the Kudler stores. Individual Reward cards will be issued for each program participant, which they will present at each transaction they make at a Kudler retail location. The expectations of this program include:
• enhanced focus of quality food and specialized products, guided by the customers’ purchases, interests, and feedback
• the attraction of new customer to Kudler’s shopping experience
• Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all customer records and information.

The newly implemented program should be successful with 3% investment of 2006 annual profits, which is approximately $ 45,000 for initial capital expense and $ 25,000 yearly for system maintenance and redeemed program rewards. With this budget, Kudler anticipates the ability to offer desirable products and rewards to its valued customers participating in the frequent shopper program.

Measures for Success

Kudler’s Fine Foods employs various techniques to ensure its competitive edge and success in the present and future economy by providing its customers with the best quality foods and services possible. Continually striving to provide patrons with a friendly environment and the best values in unique, upscale, and specialty foods and products will ensure a satisfied, return customer. These customers desire a quality, pleasant location to focus their shopping needs and the integration of a loyalty program will offer another approach to customer appreciation at Kudler.
Specials are advertised in each store’s local newspaper, which are prepared and posted by Kathy Kudler. Kathy manages advertised merchandise with each store manager on a weekly basis to ensure products are stocked accordingly. Response to local advertising will be monitored, tracking the change in customer volume and the amount of advertised items sold. When necessary, merchandise is traded between locations to meet customer demands of specific items. In addition, managers and assistant managers at each store handle much of the day-to-day details. Line personnel helps with stocking and inventory to ensure fresh products are always available. Specialists have been hired and placed at each location to provide advice and assist clients with their culinary needs. Reports generated by the new frequent shopper database will provide valuable information when forecasting and purchasing new products, allowing Kudler to emphasize the items most desired...

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