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Kraft Project Essay

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Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix of Kraft Foods

When a company, like Kraft food, look at an alteration in its promotion it can believe about four ground rules, which are documented as the marketing mix or 4Ps, explained below:


Kraft foods are one of the most versatile companies based in America. Over the many years, Kraft food is serving as one of the most famous, delicious and prominent brand. The major products of the company are in chocolate, coffee, candies, etc. brands. The ...view middle of the document...

, under the main brands such as Kraft, Jacob’s, Philadelphia, Maxwell house, Nabisco, Oscar Mayer, Post, Oreo and LU.


The pricing strategy of Kraft food is quite competitive to as compare of other food brands. The quality of food products is superior but cost effective to management. The company states that they never compromise on the quality of their branded food stuff, however they always try to introduce such ingredients while manufacturing their products that are taken from natural sources and cost effective so that both consumer & company enjoys competitive price products.


Kraft Foods have a strong delivery scheme with more than 316 allocation middle and storehouse globally. Out of these 316, the company owns 39 supply centers and rent 125 sharing centers. Along with this, the company also owns three storehouses and rent 149 depots universal. Krafts take on a diversified allocation and customer consciousness system. The majority of their allocation systems is in the Northern American ring going after storehouse transport systems.


Kraft products market...

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