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Kraft and Nestle dedicate a large amount of advertising money to their well-known brand names that are the most popular amongst the average consumer; however, Nestle offers non-consumable products as well that the average person may not be aware. Together both of these companies own over one hundred and fifty consumable items. Nestle owns ten to fifteen other companies that make cosmetics and perfume. Not all consumers know what these two large companies produce and consumers need to take ownership of the companies they are putting money into and it is just as important as what they are buying. Being aware of what products these companies are putting into and taking out of our world should ...view middle of the document...

Knowing that you can put your money in a company that is looking out for your well-being is the option that they want to give you.

Growing up we know that our mothers have gone grocery shopping and have chosen products that have a certain name on them. Not taking in to consideration that the products that they are buying might be from a company that they are not very fond of. When thinking of the things we like we do not consider what the base company might be. Knowing this you need to think that both Kraft Foods and Nestle own consumable product companies but Nestle also owns companies that only produce non-consumables. Nestle owns thirty percent of high-end perfume companies as well as cosmetic and hair care companies. We as consumers do not realize that our favorite products are not coming from the name on the front of the packaging. When you go on the company’s website you see the two differences with the consumable line. Nestle tends to stay more on the healthier side of the market. They do produce dessert products as well but their goal is to keep the nutrition level high in their consumable products. As a consumer you can do research on these companies and notice that both companies are trying their best to keep the health of the consumers first. Making sure that the products that come out and have their name on it will not bring your health rating down. They both offer many resources on their company site that will direct you to other sites that will answer questions on better food health.

Worldwide there are different cultures think of food differently. In more impoverished countries there is the need for food so they are not concerned in where it comes from but that they have the ability to get the food. Nestle markets its products to over one hundred and thirty countries worldwide. They also produce over ten thousand products and employ over two hundred and fifty thousand people. Over one billion products are sold worldwide per day. Their unmatched presence worldwide has helped create very close relationships between their brands and consumers. Kraft markets its products to over one hundred and seventy countries worldwide. They employ over one hundred and twenty thousand...

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