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Korean Restaurant Essay

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1. Product, service & Industry Background | 1-2 |
2. Recognizing opportunities/techniques for generating ideas. | 2-3 |
3. Feasibility Analysis | 3-10 |
4. Financial/Funding Aspect | 10-13 |
5. Business Model | 13-16 |
6. Ethical & Legal Issues | 16-17 |
7. Critical Risk Factors | 17-18 |
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1.0 Product, Service & Industry Background

Korean Restaurant
Running a first Korean restaurant in Kampar will be the business that we choose. Joh-Eun will be our Korean restaurant shop name. Joh-Eun means good to all such as good to customers and stakeholders. The Joh-Eun Korean restaurant is to sell Korean food in ...view middle of the document...

Anju is the side dishes accompanying alcoholic beverages. It is a general term for a Korean side dish consumed with alcohol.
Our restaurant is providing two types of beverages, which are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are all imported from Korea. Alcoholic beverages include Soju (sweet potato or rice liquor), Cheongju (rice wine) and Insamju (medical wine; made from ginseng). For those who do not prefer alcoholic drinks, our restaurant is also providing a few types of Korean tea, such as Borincha (made from barley), Sungnyung (made from boiled toasted rice) and Oksusu cha (made from boiled roasted corn kernels).
Besides from that, Joh-Eun Korean restaurant also providing services such as birthday party celebration in buffet style. Customers who are interested to hold a party at Joh-Eun can do an appointment with us one week before the actual date. We will arrange the place and do some decoration for the party. Food and drinks will be prepared according to customer’s order. Students will be having promotion for any activity held in Joh-Eun Korean restaurant.
The price of the meal in our restaurant is cheaper compare to other Korean restaurant. It will attract more students who like the Korean culture and the one who like to try the new food to dine in our restaurant. This will be a very good opportunity for us to open a Korean restaurant in Kampar.

2.0 Recognizing Opportunities or Techniques for Generating Ideas
Kampar is mostly occupied by university’s students. We were curious of what will they do during their pastime, except from doing assignments and revisions. After we had done the surveys and observed the trends of the university’s students, we found out that most of them are currently prefer watching Korean drama and entertainment show.
In Kampar, there are many kind of restaurants such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian and more. Korean restaurant haven’t been appear in Kampar yet. This is a very good opportunity for us to open a Korean restaurant in Kampar new town. This idea is use to attract students who are fascinated by Korean trends. The trend can be easily spread among the students as they will follow what people think is “in”. It may affect other students who are not interested on it or grab their attention to start chasing the trend.
Kampar is a small town, with less entertainment and students might get bored with their study life. Many students with transportation will choose to go to the nearest town Ipoh to find some entertainment such as watching movie, shopping and eating. Kampar does not have Korean restaurant, students have to go to Ipoh to have their Korean meal. So, if a Korean restaurant is going to open in Kampar, students will not have to go to Ipoh purposely just for their Korean meal.
Apart from that, there is an advantage of open a Korean restaurant in Kampar. Kampar does not have the same kind of restaurant. This is a brand new idea generating by us as there is no competitor and we do...

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