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Korean Cuisine Essay

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Korean Cuisine
There are several famous food and cuisine in South Korea, like most ethnic group throughout the world, South Korea has developed their own food culture which suit their unique history and climate. Koreans actually feel strongly that food should be harmonized with natural spices and balanced meals during daily routine are essential in order to have a healthy body. Examples of natural spices are sesame oil, ginger, salt, soy sauce, pepper flakes, doenjang (fermented bean paste), gochujang (fermented red chili paste) and garlic. Besides, Koreans place great importance on proper table settings, table etiquette and they have special food for different seasons and for seasonal ...view middle of the document...

The ingredients are marinated in those natural spices in order to make it more tasty. It is also served with lettuce perilla or other leafy vegetables used to wrap the meat. |
Shisollo | * Is a mixture of meat, fish, vegetables and bean curd, which is simmered in beef broth over a charcoal brazier at the table |
Hanjongshik | * Means “full course Korean meal”. When order this dish, usually served wif pulgogi, steamed short ribs, grilled fish, and lots of other side dishes. Those side dishes vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the servings are basically always ample. |
Kujolp’an | * Is usually the first-course meal at any elegant Korean restaurant. Strips of cooked meat and vegetables are arranged in a large sectioned dish with a stack of Korean pancakes in the center. The fillings are wrapped neatly inside the pancakes. |
Sollong T’and | * Is a rich beef noodles soup seasoned with sesame seeds, salt, pepper, scallions, and sesame oil. This dish is served with rice as the main dish and mostly is accompanied by few more side dishes and a special radish kimch’I called kkaktugi. |
Samgye T’ang | * Means Ginseng Chicken Soup. By eating this dish, people can restore their bodies and spirits on hot summer days. The chicken is stuffed with ginseng, jujubes, sticky rice, and also garlic. It is seasoned with salt and black pepper when served. |
Naengmyon | * Literally means “cold noodles”. It is a favored dish during summer, which is truly refreshing. The delicious noodles are very thin and chewy. The noodles are served in a cold beef broth with chopped scallion, shredded radishes, cucumbers, sesame seeds and slices of lean beef. There are many restaurant in Korea are only specialized in this dish, Naengmyon. |

Education in South Korea
Like other The Korean public education structure is divided into three main parts : six years of primary school, followed by three years of middle school and then three years of high school. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is responsible for South Korean education. In the 1990s, only five percent of Korean’s high schools were coeducational. But the proportion of coeducational schools has increased by approximately ten percent. However, classes in many coeducational high schools are still divided along gender lines. The curriculum now is at least standardized already, boys and girls study technology and domestic science.
Elementary School
The elementary school curriculum consists of nine principal subjects : moral education, Korean language, social studies, mathematics, science, physics education, music, fine arts, and practical arts. Besides, English language instruction now begins in the third grade, so that children can start learning English in a more relaxed atmosphere through conversational exchange, rather than just learning the grammatical concepts at a younger age. Normally, the class teacher covers most of the subjects; but there are some specialized...

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