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Knowledge Integration Exam Essay

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Knowledge Integration Exam
Issue 1 – Ethics and Legal Environment
In the corporate environment, there are usually codes of conduct or rules and policies that all employees must follow. Non conformity to what is required usually results in disciplinary actions or termination. At times there are situations when an employee does something that is not right but cannot be views as wrong. There situations are usually ethical dilemmas and finding the right course of action is not an easy process. An example of a situation like is that of Alison Costello who is a Senior Vice President at AlphaSoft Corporation. Alison worked her way up from an Assistant Project Facilitator to her current position ...view middle of the document...

Using Joseph Badarracco’s framework discussed in his lecture “Defining Moments,” I believe this is the best solution to his dilemma. Badarraco discusses “right versus right” situations where there is an ethical problem but a solution can be derived by utilizing the four steps and three tests included in the framework. The basis of this framework is “Utilitarianism,” which was “crystallization in the early part of the 1800s by a man names John Stuart Mill.” Mills believed that, “the essence of responsible behavior is doing whatever promotes the greatest happiness for the greatness number of people.” This is what the human resources team should consider in the situation with Alison. Allowing Alison to continue in her position would be a win-win situation for both Alison and AlphaSoft. Requiring that she must still complete her MBA will show that other employees that the policy still holds. The only one who may be unhappy about this solution is Sam Snarkley because he did not get the position.
The first step in Badarraco’s framework involves determining, “which way of proceeding is going to get the best net-net consequence”. I believe that keeping Alison in her position would produce the best net-net consequence for the company and for Alison. Requiring that Alison complete her MBA would show that the Company still upholds the policy that Senior Vice President require an MBA and it is an indication that Sam Snarkley’s concerned were heard. Alison’s accomplishments and experience could be used to compensate for her lack of her MBA degree. To further address the issue of misleading the company by falsifying information on her resume, I recommend that Alison be written up.
The second step examines individual rights.
The third step refers to ideas and principles and what a person stands for.
The fourth step is relates to, “what will work in the world as it is.”
The first test is “the newspaper test.” This test explores the possibility of consequences relating to the media.
The second test refers to the golden rule.
The third test is the “obituary test” which relate to the long term and what people who care of you will think.

Issue 2 – Organizational Environment
Organizations usually have success against competitors mainly due to having strong business strategies that gives the organization a competitive edge against others in the same market. It is important for an organization who decides to expand its operations or enter into the global market to develop strategies that will allow its product to remain unique at a low cost. For instance, Go Ape who producing custom and high quality stuffed monkeys has decided to...

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