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Klang Valley Rail Service System Essay

559 words - 3 pages

Klang Valley Rail Service System - Users Satisfaction Survey
The survey collects the information about Rail System in Klang Valley user’s satisfaction in terms of services .

1. Please indicate your gender
* Male
* Female

2. What is your status
* Single
* Married

3. Which range includes your age?
* 15 – 24 Years
* 25 – 39 Years
* 40 – 54 Years
* 55+ Years

5. What is your profession?
* Student
* Housewife
* Public Sector
* Private Sector
* Unemployment
* Self-employed

6. Your Income Monthly
* RM750 - RM1000
* RM1001 – RM2000
* RM2001 – RM3000
* RM3001 – above

7. What ...view middle of the document...

Overall, how would you currently rate the quality of rail services?
* Good
* Average
* Very poor

16. Overall, do you think short distance train services have improved, stayed about the same, or got worse over the last two years?
* Improved a lot
* Improved a little
* Stayed the same
* Got a little worse
* Got a lot worse
* Not Sure

17. How would you rate the levels of personal safety from crime or threatening behaviour at railway stations?
* Very good
* Fairly good
* Neither good nor poor
* Fairly poor
* Very poor

18. How would you rate the politeness/helpfulness of the train staff
* Very satisfi ed
* Somewhat satisfi ed
* Neutral
* Very dissatisfi ed

19. How would you rate the information provided at railway stations?
* Very good
* Fairly good
* Neither good nor poor
* Fairly poor
* Very poor

20. How long would it take you to get to your nearest railway station...

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