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This is a proposal for the development of recording provincial jail's inmate's profile and proper budgetting for food and health fund.

This proposal provides the scope and context of the project to be undertaken. It details the intended user group and the value that the system will have to them. It also includes presentations that could give accurate informations.

The intended audience of this document is the course faculty so that they can determine whether the project should be approved as proposed, ...view middle of the document...

This project is intended for the top management to have a better documentation system that will help them monitor every member of the organization. This project is aiming for a for a development wherein users of the information will have better security and access of the documents.

1.2 Project description

This project is focusing on the recording system that will be used. We will have to make a system that is more readily accessible using technology. We will develop an automated system that will record the inmates' personal information in a very organized way. In this newly developed system, it will also contain not only the personal information of the inmates but also their daily activities and those people who visit them everyday.

Furthermore, we will also propose a feasible higher budget to be allocated for the food and health fund. Historical records show that the amount allocated is very low and they suggested that we may help them by creating this proposal. We will not include any other budgets relating to inmates - example is, their sanitary and recreational needs.

The recording system to be proposed will only cover those information relating to the inmates' transactions and personal data. We exclude other information system that could also have been associated with the first proposed system.

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