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Kff Problem Statement Essay

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KFF Problem Statement
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was established in 1998 when Kathy Kudler fulfilled her vision of establishing her own gourmet food store. Her passion for gourmet food enabled her to research the neighborhood as well as the product assortment mix that should be offered. Since 1998, Kathy has expanded KFF from one store to three stores and has plans to continue with expansion efforts throughout California as well as outside of California. The long-term vision of KFF is to become the premier gourmet grocery store for shoppers interested in purchasing the finest imported and domestic bakery, meats, produce, cheeses, and wines (University of Phoenix, 2008). Kathy has several ...view middle of the document...

For example, within the Customer section of the Stakeholder Analysis, she states “We try to take very good care of our customers. Clerks are encouraged to keep track of comments or request, and share them with Kathy when she comes into the store (University of Phoenix, 2003, p. 12.” Kathy strives to be in sync with her customers and what they expect. The downside is that Kathy is one person and can not manage every comment or complaint for all three stores. She needs help to manage her customers’ expectations and experiences.
Problem Statement
In the next five years, Kudler Fine Foods will fulfill their growth expansion plans, increase profit and fulfill their organizational goals by developing and implementing management policies and plans.
Sosik and Godshalk mentioned in their article that, “Job-related stress has been linked to failing individual health and illness (2000)”. If Kathy doesn’t learn how to delegate and empower her employees she may very well cause her own health to fail. She needs to hire people within her organization that are experienced within finance and accounting, store operations, and human resources. This would provide her with time to do the things she needs to do. Delegating control should allow Kathy to take a much needed and deserved vacation without worrying whether or not her business is still running when she returns as well as will allow her stores to function as a unit on their own. It would also enable Kathy the ability to ensure the customers’ needs are heard and implemented when feasible within her units.
At times when we’re in the trenches where the work is done, we forget to be visionary. If she loses that one piece, the organization will ultimately die. Implementing the new management structure will enable Kathy to put back on her visionary role and determine what is next for her organization. Kathy will also be able to develop short-term plans (website, product mix and catering), long-term plans (expansion to San Francisco or Naples), and review the financial position of her organization to determine if they are feasible to implement.
Within the next three months, Kathy needs to train someone and develop software designed to place orders for each of the stores. She should be tasked with reducing the waste produced through over ordering as a result of ordering bulk quantities for all three instead of ordering what each of the stores need.
Within the next six months, Kathy needs to hire someone to take over management of the store operations, this person will serve as an overseer that reports directly to Kathy on a weekly basis about what is going on at store level. Kathy will be responsible for training the new hire and ensuring that he or she have all the tools needed to be successful in this role. Through her watching their progression, she will grow to trust them more and allow the delegation process to flow...

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