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Keys To Successful Locksmithing Essay

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Composition 1 GE117
01 Homework
27 June 2012

Keys to Successful Locksmithing
What makes a successful Locksmith? Locksmithing can be an easy yet complicated job. It requires paying attention to small details and a great deal of patience. In order to be a successful Locksmith one needs to have certain skills and abilities. Key aspects to successful Locksmithing Include but are not limited to, Mechanical ability, Creative Thinking (thinking outside the box), Curiosity, Analyzing the problem as a whole, breaking down problem into small manageable tasks to identify the origin of the problem.
Having a full understanding of how the lock works, how to fully take ...view middle of the document...

Using logical reasoning and drawing on past experiences (Brainstorming) often times helps the locksmith technician identify the possible root causes of the problem thus allowing the technician to have a work plan prior to reaching the site where the repair is to be performed. Often times the problem is not lock related. An improperly installed door for example can cause a lock to not function properly giving the appearance to the customer that the lock is either having a problem, is defective or broken.
Curiosity is another great tool for problem solving. Analyzing the problem as a whole is the key to identifying the root cause of the problem. Is the door properly installed? Are the hinges worn and in need of replacement? Is the door sagging? Is there weather stripping on the door frame? All of these are questions that the technician needs to address to properly identify the root source of the problem. All of the above conditions will adversely affect the proper operation of locks and the security these are designed to provide. It is important to pay attention to these and other details in the troubleshooting process.
Besides having the necessary knowledge and proper tools to preform locksmith service it is also necessary to use ones past experiences, logical reasoning, curiosity and creative thinking to be able to not only solve the problem at hand, but also to prevent the problem from reappearing in the future when at all possible. Most if not all lock related problems can often be traced back to some external source as the root of the problem.

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