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Key Issues Investigation Guranna Biradar.Docx Essay

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Topic C - Key Issues Investigation
Under the guidance of Dr. James Hall
Ans. 1:
Issue Ranking | 2008 | 2013 |
1 | IT and Business alignment | Alignment of IT with the Business |
2 | Build business skills in IT | Business Agility |
3 | IT strategic planning | Business Productivity |
4 | Attracting new IT professionals | Business Cost Reduction & Controls |
5 | Making better use of information | IT Cost Reduction and Controls |

Comparing the list of issues of 2008 with 2013 from SIM survey report:
Even though IT management working hard to maximize the use of IT to improve the business operations, but still this is the key concern from 2003 till 2013 as per SIM survey. ...view middle of the document...

Since the access to the technology is getting cheaper and better, the competition led to increased focus on issues like betterment of Productivity, Cost Reduction etc. (Key Issues of IT Organizations and Their Leadership: The 2013 SIM IT Trends Study)

In my opinion, the major reason why we see a major change in list of issues is the ‘Competition’. Irrespective of the type of business, today’s market gives many alternatives to customers. Considering ‘Smartphone’ industry as an example, a Nokia which was a market leader from 2000 till 2009 lost to Apple and Samsung because of they started providing the luxury and options in a better way. They mainly focused on customer needs and interests which Nokia as a company failed to focus on. The life span of any product and service is reducing day by day hence the focus keeps changing with time.

Ans. 2: As per my knowledge and readings, the ‘Business Cost Reduction & Controls’ should be the primary concern for IT Management. The following are the list to justify my opinion
* With the raising prices of Real estate, fuel, varying labor rate, Insurance coverage etc. Managing the cost factor plays an important role.
* The mathematical relation of profit with the cost says “Cost is inversely proportional to Profit” that is higher the Business cost, lesser the profit and vice versa.
* In business, cost is the only area which can be controlled where as other areas like revenue, profit margin totally depend on market trends.
* To keep up the competitive advantage in the market, companies should deploy the strategies to efficiently deliver with minimal waste of resources i.e. high productivity. Like for example by using business benchmarking strategy to understand how big player of your business league companies structure and deliver key functions efficiently. (Accenture, Cognizant considered to be the giants of IT service are been followed by many mid-level IT service corporates to learn how People management, Business process, Infrastructure etc. are well managed). (
* As per the SIM survey in the year 2013, over 90 senior IT leaders (18.6%) selected it as one of the top three IT management concerns facing their organization which itself explains its severity. (Key Issues of IT Organizations and Their Leadership: The 2013 SIM IT Trends Study).

* Key Issues of IT Organizations and Their Leadership: The 2013 SIM IT Trends Study. (n.d.). pp. 228-229.
* (n.d.). Retrieved from

Ans. 3: A review on the article “Top Ten Strategic CIO Issues for 2013” by Bob Evans of Oracle, the 3 most important that I believe are most important and challenging for CIO are:
1. Simplify IT and transform your spending: Simplifying Information Technology and transforming the spending is a great way for CIO’s to initiate the...

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