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Kevin Essay

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The most dreadful and horrible news incident that had come to pass this week is the eight-year-old girl had throat cut and passed away. The suspected criminal, Gōng chóng ān(龔重安) secretly climbed the short fencing and entered into the elementary school. After entering without permission, he followed a young girl child alone, and tracked her into the toilet. Once he target the innocent prey, he started to cut her throat. Leaving her bleeding for at least 6 minutes, Gōng called the police to report he killed ...view middle of the document...

The family of Gōng talked to the public that he was fond of playing action computer games and enjoyed comic books. Definitely, the criminal should be put into capital punishment to relieve the pain for the victim’s family. Why those demon can play a role like God to determine other people’s life? I know that it may remain an extremely controversial issue in our society to debate the existence of death penalty, but I think it is still imperative to function as a deterrence and also bring the fundamental justice and social order to our society. This tragedy triggered heated argument again in our society. For me, in a fairly extremely radical sense, if you are really unsatisfied with the current situation you have lived, and wanted to terminate a life. You can commit a suicide, instead of taking those innocent life. You always don’t know how significant and necessary the person you killed in their family. Life is irretrievable, cherish others’ life as cherish yours. If you dare not have courage and prowess to kill yourself, then don’t put this brutal and nasty conduct upon others, It’s absolutely an act of a coward.

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