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Executive Summary
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) continues to be recognized as an earliest franchising company around the world. Approximately 50% of KFC’s worldwide restaurant businesses are owned & operated by independent businessmen & women, KFC franchisees. KFC’s outstanding brand recognition, experienced management, high quality food, site development expertise, advanced operational systems & unique global infrastructure position them to capitalize on global opportunities. KFC is currently seeking highly qualified individuals to join its family as new franchisees in both North America. & International markets. The feature of their tasty fast food items with unique value & services, ...view middle of the document...

One was the present condition of the fast food shops in Bangladesh & the other one was introducing KFC in Bangladesh. Almost 80% people are already aware of KFC & around 80% of the targeted audience wants KFC to be in Bangladesh. It’ll be beneficial for our country’s people, where they can get some world famous quality foods from KFC.

Problem & Purpose:

Franchising KFC in Bangladesh

KFC is spreading out all over the world, because of its superior vision. The feature of their tasty fast food items with unique value & services, creating a high demand for KFC is spreading out all over the world, because of its superior vision in the international business arena. Their attributes clearly define the support on creating a global market. As we already know, the globalization of markets refers to the merging of historically distinct & separate national markets into one huge global marketplace. That concept comes on the discussion only because of the KFC interference in the international business. KFC already proves their demand in the global market by providing quality Fried chicken & other fast foods. It’s almost everywhere around the world. By 1964, Colonel Sanders had more than 600 franchised outlets for his chicken in the United States and Canada. More than a billion of the Colonel's "finger lickin' good" chicken dinners are served annually. And not just in North America. The Colonel's cooking is available in more than 80 countries and territories around the world.
From the U.S. market to Europe, all around the globe, this international franchising company KFC has already built up thousands of restaurants. KFC has more than 11,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world. And in quite a few U.S. cities, KFC is teaming up with sister restaurants, A&W, All-American Food™, Long John Silver's, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, selling products from the popular chains in one convenient location.
As they already creating demand in the European markets & with that, if the possibilities are in the favor of Bangladesh, then our country can create a great momentum with KFC. Furthermore, there is a golden opportunity for KFC to expand their global foodservice in Asian markets.

Scope & Limitations:

Scope of the Problem:

Premier franchising company KFC is spreading out all over the world. There are lots of fast food shops around Bangladesh. But, no one yet has taken the initiative to bring the world’s one of the best franchising company KFC in this country. So, there’s a great scope for us to bring KFC in Bangladesh.


There were certain limitations of the problem we face both in report preparing & also regarding franchising of KFC in Bangladesh.

Time limitation:
A very short time was required to make such a vast report. We needed to collect a lot of information about the company. But the time constraint was there.


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