Keeping Track Essay

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IT426-1303A-02 System Integration and Organization Deployment
Keeping Track
Josh. Falwell
August 12, 2013
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Table of Contents
Project Outline 3
Integration Model and Tasks 4
Standards and Regulations 10
Support Strategies 9
Best Practices 13
Cultural Implications 16

Project Outline

For this project it has been brought up by The National Transportation Safety Board that there needs to be a better way of keeping an accurate count on passengers. The reason for this in 2011 an Amtrak passenger train was struck by a semi-truck. When this happen it took Amtrak two full days to account all the passengers that ...view middle of the document...

Integration Model and Tasks

With this project we at Big Bear Software are going too integrated there current security with a new way to keep track of the passengers on their rail passenger cars at any given time. With this integration of the software we are going to be using software system integration. With the use of this method it is the practice of combining individually tested software components into a whole. With this the software is integrated when the components are placed together into subsystems and then into the final product. For this project the waterfall method will be used for the project with the waterfall method. Some of the pros using this method is it offers numerous advantages for software developers. With this method every phase has a defined start and end point; also progress can be conclusively identified. It can be identified through the milestones that are going to be in place. Another reason to use this waterfall method it is much easier to catch can correct possible flaws at the design stage than at the testing stage. This is because after all the components have been integrated and tracking down specific errors is more difficult.
The reason for the software integration it provides required steps that have to be conducted for integration. With that the software design and development there will have to be a plan, design, execution, data collection, and test evaluation to make sure that the integrated software works properly with no bugs. Advantage for this method is that there is only one program to install. Once the subsets have been integrated into one the data is now that much easier to access no matter what computer the user is on. Another advantage is sharing data among the application is easier and is almost effortless.
With this the steps that are involved are going to be what strategy to use, with this integration method there are two strategies that could be used the first one is Non Incremental software integration and the second one is Incremental software integration. With this project we are going to be using the Incremental method with this approach the advantage is that the defects can be found early in a smaller assembly. Now like everything there are some draw backs to this and one is this method can be very time-consuming with the subsets and drivers have to be developed and used in a test.
Now with the testing of the software there has to be a test strategy and what this will do are provided guidelines to test engineers to perform certain software testing activities within a rational way. Some of the test models are
Typical test models:
* Control flow graph
* Objected-oriented class diagram
* Scenario-based model
* Component-based integration model
* Architecture-based integration model

Standards and Regulations

With Amtrak being part of the FRA or Federal Railroad Administration we have to follow at Federal software standards. The overall mission...

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