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Keeping The Good Employee Essay

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Keeping the Good Employee
February 25, 2013
PSY 435 Industrial & Organizational

Keeping the Good Employee
JC’s Casino has encountered a number of problems recently, some resulting in the loss of employees and customers. They have had to pull resources in order to ensure the business continues to run properly, however, it is important to note that some things may actually work against them. JC’s Casino has experienced a higher than normal rate of absenteeism and turn over as well as unsatisfied customers. Since the company is short-staffed, they have had to ask employees from other departments to help cover other jobs. However, this can lead to resentment within the ...view middle of the document...

In the work domain, organizational commitment is also a popular factor to consider. Determining how attached and committed an employee is to their job may help recognizing their work behavior (Spector, 2012). Counterproductive behavior is any behavior that is opposite of the desired behavior that may help the organization thrive. It goes against the goals of the company. When employees are counterproductive it makes it difficult to properly run the business. JC’s Casino, for instance, may be spending more money trying to compensate for the counterproductive behavior. Counterproductive behavior can either be intentional or unintentional with a variety of underlying motivation. Tardiness, theft, absenteeism, withdrawal, and substance abuse are all examples of counterproductive behavior. It is important for any manager to notice a pattern in any behavior in hopes to find the root cause. In order for a behavior to stop, one must first find the cause or motivation behind it. It is important to confront any issue or patterns with behavior. If there is suddenly an increase in absenteeism then take a few things into consideration: perhaps the employees are burnt out, maybe it is cold or flu season, or maybe there are other underlying personal issues. In regards to the high turnover rate, find out why the employees are leaving. Is there something that could have been different or changed in order for them to stay? Perhaps the employees are looking for work at other competing casinos because they do not have to put in as much work for the same wage. For this kind of problem, I would recommend hiring some new help. If the company is looking for ways to cut back then perhaps they can hire temporary employees so that they do not have to pay benefits. However, if it is too much of an expense to hire and train new employees, then it is crucial to consider raising the current employees’ salaries. That way the company will save time and money training new employees. Monetary incentives, like raises or bonuses, can be quite appealing to most people and may be a great resource to use in order to retain good employees.
Job Satisfaction
The next point of business is retention; in order to retain good employees, the company must look at ways to keep the employees happy. Job satisfaction is one of the most important aspects for management to look at. Every person is different in what expectations they have and what will keep them satisfied, however, most people can agree on a few things: an attractive salary/benefit package, growth potential, recognition and appreciation. Job satisfaction refers to how much people like their job and other aspects pertaining to it. According to (Spector, 2012). there are two approaches of job satisfaction: the global approach and the facet approach. The global approach has to do more with people's overall satisfaction and feelings towards the job. The facet approach focuses more on other aspects of the job including rewards, other...

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