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Kashmir Issue Essay

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Whenever I hear the word "Kashmir," all I can think is of conflicts, wars, blood and yes, India and Pakistan. We all know what all has happened over the years, and there seems to be no solution to the unending drama, fake promises and conspiracy. Even after decades we still stand on the borders of indo-pak fighting for so called peace and our right over Kashmir. It seems to me that the time has stopped, we ...view middle of the document...

Authorities come and go, positions change, mindsets change but the issue remains the same.

From secret negotiations in hotel rooms of Dubai & Bangkok to International summits, something which has changed is only the places. Sometimes I wonder If I will be ever able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it so difficult to come to a concordance. Our life's have become part of this high profile drama which takes a new twist every now and then leaving nothing but blood on the streets.

Kashmir is the most sensitive issue of our country and has been touched upon by almost everyone in the world but hasn't reached the level of a resolution. For how long we will just sit in front of our TV screens and see the innocent people getting slaughter on the roads for nothing. It's time for some action! I am desperate for an answer, I want to know how my country can be free from this man made disasters ( Read Nuclear wars, terrorist attacks)

I know the issue is too big for an writer like me to handle but like any other young Indian, I want the probable solutions to be considered while discussions with our humble neighbors.

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