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Karl Essay

2525 words - 11 pages

Brief introduction 2
Context/Scope-set the scene 2
Identification 3
Risk categorization 3
Report on incident. 4
Risk identified 5
Fishbone diagram 6
Causes of the risks 7
Risk analyzing 9
Rating by impact criteria – 3 levels 9
Rating by likelihood criteria – 4 levels 9
Matrix 9
Impact-Likelihood table 10
Treatment 11
Risk register 12
Monitoring 14
Appendix 16

Brief introduction
In this project I am going to discuss about the risk management plan of Yap restaurant. The RM will be particularly for the kitchen department. The risk management plan will consist of establish the goals and the context of the restaurant, identify risks, analyze the ...view middle of the document...

Stakeholders and their expectations
Customers: Provide quality service and food.
Employee: Have a good atmosphere to work with the facilities needed.
Suppliers: Good relationships with the restaurant.

The constraints faced by the department
The constraints are as followed:
* Lack of staff
* Deadline not being met.
* Lack of utensil.
* The kitchen is small.
* No good communication between co-workers.

Risk categorization
a) People; employees do not comply with the procedures of the company
b) Process; lack of control or inadequate control in the operational process
c) System; failure in transport system, machinery

Report on incident.

Name: Jeff Marks |
Address:18 street, Port Louis |
Job title: Cook |
What type of work was the injured person doing at the time of the accident? Cutting vegetables |
Type of injury: Finger injury |
Consequences of the accident: The employee was absent for 7 days. Had to pay for the medical care. |
Name: Yogini Moothooveeren |
Address: 90 Avenue Rose Hill |
Job title: Chef |
What type of work was the injured person doing at the time of the accident?Cooking food. |
Type of injury: Burn |
Consequences of the accident: 5 weeks of absence |

Risk identified
Brainstorming tool was used to identify the risks in the kitchen department. People involved in the brainstorming: manager, Chef, cook and other employees of the restaurant.
Due to a brainstorming sheet, here are some risks identified:
1. Fire
2. Food contamination
3. Poor planning system
4. Faulty of electrical wire
5. Overloading power circuit
6. Shelving overloaded, items can fall that can lead to injury.
7. Injury
8. Back injuries when lifting of heavy items such as ingredients, boxes of meat, etc
9. Burns and scalds from water heated by a faulty water heater
10. Slippery floor
11. Damaged flooring
12. Electrical breakdown
13. Electrical burns
14. Electrocution
15. Oven breakdown
16. Refrigerator breakdown
17. Extractor breakdown
18. Broken Tap
19. Dishwashers overflow
20. Theft
21. Key employee resigned without notification
22. Absenteeism
23. Employee does not perform well
24. Unskilled staff
25. Lack of staff
26. Violence and aggression between co-workers.
27. Mold on kitchen wall
28. Pest
29. High temperature in the kitchen
30. Complaints received from customers about the food

Fishbone diagram
The refrigerator has not been cleaned, thus it can create bacteria

The temperature of the refrigerator is not well adjusted to the right temperature
Containers where the food has been stored had not been washed properly
Food Contamination can be caused when employee do not wash their hands. They could be sick, and touching the food, coughing over the food.

Leaving food out without covering the food.


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